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Found 23 results

  1. Comparing phones is always a somewhat emotive opinion on the part of the person doing the comparison, so I have tried to keep this one based upon facts rather than feelings. Some may argue with some of the decisions and some may need explanation. The winning phone in each category is shown in dark green and gains 2 points. Where no obvious winner exists, "highly commended" scores are in light green and gain 1 point) Feature Google Pixel 2XL iPhone X LG V30 Galaxy Note 8 Construction Candybar, aluminium & glass Candybar,stainless steel & glass Candybar, aluminium & glass Candybar, aluminium & glass Size 157.9mm x 76.7mm x 7.9mm 143.6mm x 70.9mm x 7.7mm 151.7mm x 75.4mm x 7.3mm 162.5mm x 74.8mm x 8.6mm Weight 175g 174g 158g 195g Screen P-OLED 6.0" 2280x1440 538ppi AMOLED 5.8" 2436x1125 458ppi P-OLED 6.0" 2800x1440 538ppi AMOLED 6.3" 2960x1440 521ppi Screen / Body Ratio 76.4 % 82.9 % 81.2 % 83.2 % Battery 3520 mAh 2716 mAh 3300 mAh 3300 mAh Processor Snapdraggon 835 Apple A11 Bionic Snapdraggon 835 Exynos OctaCore RAM 4GB 3GB 4GB 6GB Storage 64GB /128GB 64GB / 256GB 64GB / 128GB + MicroSD 64GB / 128GB / 256GB + MicroSD Camera (rear) 12.2Mpix f/1.8, IOS, Phase Detection autofocus, HDR Dual 12Mpix f/1.8 & f/2.4, Phase Detection autofocus, IOS, 2x Optical zoom Main: 16Mpix f/1.6 (71deg)& Wide: 13Mpix f/1.9 (120deg), IOS, HDR10, Assisted Zoom Tele: 12Mpix f/2.4 (45deg) & Wide: DualPixel 12Mpix f/1.7 (77deg), IOS, 2x Optical zoom Camera (front) 8Mpix f/2.4 7Mpix f/2.2, HDR, panorama 5Mpix f/2.2 (90deg) 8Mpix f/1.7 Connectivity 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 3.1 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 2.0 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 3.1 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 3.1 Operating System Android 8.0 iOS 11.0.2 Android 7.1.2 Android 7.1.1 Biometrics / security Fingerprint (rear - middle), face detection Face ID Fingerprint (rear - middle), face detection Fingerprint (rear - left), iris detection, face detection Protection Waterproof (IP67) Waterproof (IP67) Waterproof (IP68), Shockproof Waterproof (IP68) Charging QuickCharge 3.0 Fast Charging, Wireless Charging QuickCharge 3.0, Wireless Charging QuickCharge 3.0, Wireless Charging Price £ 799 £ 999 £ 799 £ 869 Availability Now Now Now Now Total points 5 4 10 10 ...So there we have it; a newly altered scoring card produces a different result. Whereas the LG V30 had walked away with the "best phone" prize on our previous scoring matrix, now we've included screen / body ratio and a couple of other changes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has jumped up to claim joint first place. See part 2 of this comparison for more of the 2017 flagship phones, and maybe a full on, definite winner...
  2. Given every man and his dog has already covered this evening (and I've been travelling all day) I'll point you to Apple's webpages and give you a very brief summary. iMac - Basically the big news is that there's a new version, to go alongside the slightly upgraded standard versions, which has a 5k display. That's 5k, not 4k. The painful bit is that the new 27" retina screen costs an extra £400 than the standard 27" version, meaning it will cost £2k (see what I did there! ) for the 'basic' model. As a side note, there's no dedicated 5k display for Mac Pro users..... Mac mini - There's been a minor spec bump with more power and better connectivity, and they've dropped the price slightly too by £100. Not bad really if you're looking for a desktop. Whilst we're talking macs, it's worth mentioning that Yosemite should be available to download by now as a free upgrade. As much as I want to download it, and using it's handover with iOS8, I won't until all the bugs become apparent. I'm starting to treat Apple like I used to treat Microsoft and wait for the first major update. Shame on you Apple. iPad mini 3 - It's basically the same as the iPad mini 2, but has a Touch ID sensor, and is also available in gold. That's it, really. Nothing else. Apple will continue to sell the mini 2 and original mini, but will drop prices. The iPad mini 2 looks like a bit of a bargain compared to the mini 3 unless you really want that touch ID (but the biggest size is now 32GB....) iPad Air 2 - Strangely, this excites me. It's got a new A8x processor (supposedly better than the iPhone 6's A8), an improved 8MP rear camera knicked out of the iPhone 6 (no OIS), and it's super skinny. I mean it's skinnier than the iPhone 6. It's also got the same styling of screen as the iPhone 6, and I'm preying they've changed the screen glass compared to the original Air, which felt a bit meh. Of course it's also got Touch ID and improved wifi connectivity. Other things worth noting, battery life remains the same on the iPads, but the Cellular versions of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 also include an Apple SIM. What's that? Well, it's a sim which lets you add temp data packages on it from different networks. Only EE is an option in the UK, but it's also got a couple of US networks as options, and you can bet other networks around the world will be added. This could be really interesting for international travellers, and it's significant as all networks had been fighting against such an idea in the iPhone. So watch this space! Whilst Touch ID isn't the end all and be all. Having used it on an iPhone 6 now for a couple of weeks, I'm finding it really useful as lock, and also to activate certain features in some apps. Where I think this could have a significant effect though is in business. When paired with the partnership with IBM, I can see a lot of businesses getting excited by this, for different security and user profile purposes. Another thing worth noting, I'm now lusting for a 4K display for my desktop now....
  3. Apple’s products create a huge amount of emotion around the world, unlike virtually any other product. The new iPhones are no different. There’s been no end of mocking of Apple adopting a new larger size, both from other manufacturers and other mobile fanatics. There’s also been Bendgate which probably hasn’t done Apple any harm either, given the follow up research. Saying that, Apple’s continued desire to control the whole world’s media probably has left a sour taste in some people’s mouths, even if it probably hasn’t affected sales one bit. Back to the new iPhones though! The first thing I noticed is that Apple have changed the packaging. Gone is the picture of the handset on the front of the box, instead we have a raised outline of the iPhone instead. It’s very white, plain, and minimalistic. I can’t say I like it much. It feels more like you’re buying something knocked off, in a plain box, rather something ‘special’ and worth hundreds of pounds. Apple does do emotion like no one else though. Whether it’s love, hatred or jealousy, Apple provokes a level of emotion which no one else can replicate. Picking up a new iPhone 6 or 6 plus repeats that experience. There’s a moment of excitement, and then admiration of the phone when you first pick it up. They are beautiful, and there’s no getting away from it. The gentle curves of the body of the phone and the glass curves on the edges which meet the metal do exert some sort of gadget lust, as does the way that the curved glass reflects light. It’s completely irrational, and yet here I am writing about it. Two weeks down the line and I’m still just picking up my phone and looking at it. Admiring it. Whilst I’m talking about admiring, I must also mention the screen. It’s beautiful. There’s something more immediate about it. It’s crisp, clear, bright, very low reflection when the screen is on, and it’s in your face, closer to you. I’m not sure how this illusion is achieved, but it does tie you into the emotional experience once again. The magical reality distortion field is rudely broken though when you switch the phone on and try to restore from an old iCloud or iTunes backup. From iCloud, I failed to restore all the apps, and from iTunes I failed to download my music playlists. Restoring and syncing became an ordeal which reminded me of the things I dislike about Android. This was not ‘it just works’. This was ‘I want to throw something’. I have no idea how Apple finds this acceptable. I know when I bought my first Macs and iPods, I felt the money was justified because I didn’t have to deal with bugs and glitches like I did on Windows at the time. This is so untrue now of most of Apple’s products. Sticking to the iPhone, we have seen problems with Bluetooth, freezing screens, disabling Wi-Fi, and deleting iCloud data to name a few. I could rant about the problems I’ve had with my retina Macbook Pro and Mavericks, but that’s another time…. Apple needs to stop working to product cycles and make sure things just work once again, otherwise more and more people will question the premium they pay when purchasing Apple products. Whilst I’m being critical, I should also mention other issues I have. Firstly keyboards. It’s implementation is half arsed, to be polite. You find yourself switching keyboards depending on where you enter text, and then you also find that switching from Swiftkey, for example, to the emoticon keyboard and then back again becomes a trial. I’ve stopped using emoticons as a consequence. I also find the animations in Safari when opening a new tab are very old fashioned. Not modern in the least. Nor is Apple’s pull down, pull up, lack of real widgets approach. Having used mostly Android over the last two years, I do find it’s a lot more immediate in accessing certain options and information. I do think Apple has failed in this aspect. Where I do find Apple has succeeded though is through the ecosystem. It works. It’s not a ball ache like Android, and apps don’t suddenly freeze, crash, become incompatible because you’ve got the wrong type of handset or have done an OS update. I also wonder about the use of live app icons. I oddly like watching the second hand of the clock icon going around on the iPhone, but wonder what could be achieved if other apps could provide live animations… Getting back to the iPhone 6 plus. It can be summed up in one word. ‘Wow’. There are two things which hit you. Firstly the size. It’s massive. There’s no way round it. I wanted to like this one over the iPhone 6 because of it’s bigger, better screen, Optical Image Stabilisation, and bigger battery, but I can’t. I remember reviewing the HTC ONE MAX many moons ago and complaining about the size. I come back to some of the same problems with the iPhone 6 plus. Whilst it is slim, svelt, light and comfortable to hold, it’s just too big to use with one hand. Apple did recognise this, and have used the double touch of the home button to enable reachability mode, but it’s a bit of a fudge, and I find using the iPhone 6 far easier and slicker. iphone 6 , LG G3, iPhone 6 plus, Oneplus One The LG G3 has the same size screen and yet it’s far easier to use one handed. This is because Apple has a problem. It’s ‘iconic design' with the home button. Whilst over generations, the side bezels have become slimmer, the top and bottom bezels haven’t. This is because of the symmetry needed to keep the large home button at the bottom and be reflected on the top. HTC suffers a similar problem with it’s front facing speakers (which incidentally are much better than the iPhones’). Apple needs to eat some humble pie and start copying some of LG’s design tricks. The home button needs to go on the back of the phone, and bezels need to disappear on the side, and become a lot slimmer on top/bottom. This would make the 5.5” screen far easier to use and also stop the odd weight distribution of the iPhone 6 plus, which does make me fear that it will slip out of my hand as I’m only holding the bottom, and there’s so much more phone I can’t hold. I should also mention that whilst the iPhone 6 plus does fit into even slim jean pockets (with a case on), it does become more of an operation to put it in and take it out of my pocket then I’m used to, or feel comfortable with. The second thing which hits you with the iPhone 6 plus, is the battery life. It’s phenomenal! I can get two days solid use out of it without having to plug it in. I’m normally pleased if a phone gets me home at the end of the day, but this is just spectacular. I know other phones can match it, but they tend to be mid-tier spec handsets which compromise on power and screen size/resolution, to give you better battery life. This is the first top end smartphone which gives me such impressive battery life. There’s not even any use of battery saving modes. You can use your phone as much as you like and know it will last two days. The iPhone 6 is less impressive. It will last 24 hours under the same usage. That’s still pretty good, and meets most people’s basic requirement, but next to the iPhone 6 plus, it’s a bit disappointing. Whilst I’m talking about battery life, I should also mention charging. One thing I’ve noticed is that both phones, and the 6 plus in particular, take ages to charge if you use either your computer, or the included plug. What is particularly irritating, is that if you use Apple’s 12W plug for the iPad, it charges a lot quicker. Nearly all manufacturers are guilty of this these days, but they tend to include underpowered chargers with their phones, and expect you to buy a better plug separately. Stop it. Speaking of the iPhone 6, it’s a bit of a gem. Given the larger and larger size of flagship handsets these days, it’s in fact the screen is in fact the size of the original HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z3. It is beautiful, easy to hold, has a wonderful screen, but doesn’t have the battery life or OIS of it’s big brother. I do find the lack of OIS hasn’t affected me compared to the iPhone 6 plus. I know the OIS should make a difference, but I’ve not really noticed it in everyday use. I’m sure someone’s written a review about it, but I find myself not really hung up about it. I do notice however that I do have to zoom in on webpages with a lot of text on, whilst I don’t have to on the 6 plus. I do find Apple’s adoption of the two sizes a little odd. One being too big, whilst the other possibly being too small. The Goldilocks size for me, if Apple’s going to continue it’s same design language, is 5”. It gives a bigger screen, but remains easy to use one handed. 5.2” is just about acceptable. 5.5” would be great, but Apple does need to change the design. I’m not sure how they’d feel about that, especially as the Plus is apparently outselling the standard 6. So. What have I done? I’ve decided to keep my iPhone 6 and return my iPhone 6 plus. I’ve found it enjoyable coming back to iOS after two years, and despite my grumbles, find things like Touch ID and integration between iOS and OSX to be killer features for me at this moment. Despite the 6 plus having immense battery life, and possibly a better camera, as well as the better screen, it’s just too big to use as your main phone. Please do share your thoughts and experiences.
  4. Samsung must be feeling pretty smug right now, whilst Apple must be feeling that the test wasn't done correctly. It seems that if battery life is your key concern, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be your first choice. We do add a bit of caution to the result though from our own completely non-scientific experience, where we find that all the phones there do seem to last much of a muchness, (give or take a couple of hours) during the day, and perhaps pure call usage, or data usage is too simple a summary of how long a phone will last you in day to day usage. I get at least 24 hours usage from all the recent top end phones I've used. It still makes for an interesting read none the less. Source
  5. Go to the Apple Site and fill in the details of what you want to sell, and they'll give you a price so it's all set up for when you drop off the stuff into your local Apple store. Naturally, prices aren't as good as if you just sold you're stuff in the Classifieds here, but for those who don't want any hassle, then it's a good option. We'd also suggest you look at to see if Apple are giving a fair price compared to other companies.
  6. New MacBook Pro's, MacBook Air's, iMac's and Mac Pro's are all being predicted to launch next week after a supposed leak in Australia. There's no news on the Mac Mini, but there also seems to be a whole load accessory updates too. There's less than a week until the Keynote speech, so it's not too long to wait! Source
  7. This is my first video review, so your advice and feedback is welcome, as well as your thoughts of seeing iOS 7 in action (if you've not already got it on your iDevice)
  8. The reason for the 'silence' is probably that they've basically upgraded the processors to the new Haswell processors and left the design and much of the spec the same, but if you've been waiting for these upgrades, look here for more info.
  9. The other odd thing is that this is only available for Windows users. Download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows, and then the add on for Chrome or Firefox and you'll be able to sync those bookmarks with Safari for iOS. It seems strange that this isn't available for Mac users, and we can only wish that one day we'll be allowed to use Chrome or Firefox apps as default browsers on iOS devices.
  10. In the global Apple vs. Samsung wars, Apple has won a significant victory over Samsung in the U.S.A, but has lost out in South Korea. The widely reported victory of Apple over Samsung in the U.S.A., in a court case heard by a jury, has seen Apple awarded damages of over $1billion (albeit this is a very small percentage of Samsung's profits) and it has been decided that Samsung infringed upon 5 of Apple's patents, while Apple did not infringe on any of Samsung's. There's no device blocking or sales restrictions associated with this initial ruling. Samsung will be appealing this decision, so nothing much is going to change for now. In South Korea, a judge has decided that Samsung infringed upon one of Apple's patents, while Apple infringed upon 2 of Samsung's. Damages were awarded on both sides, with Apple having to pay a little more than Samsung. In addition, both sides have had some of their products banned from sale. For Apple, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad an iPad2 have been banned, while for Samsung the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus have been banned. Once again, both sides are likely to appeal, so this decision essentially means not-a-lot at the moment. In this author's opinion, all these court cases should be stopped and a lot of the patents within them declared as FRAND (i.e. the patent owners must license them to other manufacturers). Patents covering a "rectangular device with rounded corners" can't be enforced as it prevents so many designs from such a wide variety of manufacturers. Equally a lot of the UI patents which Apple are throwing around are now considered as being the default way of doing things, in use by Apple, Google, Microsoft & RIM for their touchscreen interfaces. For Apple to ONLY be going after Samsung (for their use of Google's operating system) is stupid. Equally, Apple are merely showing that they are no longer capable of competing in the market place, so are doing everything they can to prevent any prevent competing products coming on to the market - in the *good old days* Apple used to pride themselves on their ability to differentiate in the market place and thus win their customers by offering a better product. It seems now that Apple have decided not to try to produce innovative and compelling products, and instead maintain their market position to merely prevent any competition. Samsung summed it up with their press response to the U.S.A. case, by stating: "Today's verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple's claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer"
  11. I'll try to put a quick summary of things: Macbook Air: There's been some minor upgrades. The processors have been upgraded to Intel's Ivy Bridge. The USB ports are also USB 3.0. You can now upgrade to 512GB SSD and 8GB RAM memory. There's also been a slight price drop. Macbook Pro: Similar upgrades to the Macbook Air. The Retina Display Macbook Pro: This is probably the headline hardware release. This is a new slimmer Macbook Pro. It loses the optical drive, and keeps the traditional shape. But it also has a 2880x1800 Retina Display. Ok. I want one. Mac Pro: It wasn't mentioned in the Keynote, but they've also had their processors upgraded. OSX Mountain Lion: A bit of a mixed bag. They didn't dwell that long on it, but there were some interesting bits. Powernap means that Macs will be able to download emails, run time machine, sync with iCloud and perform updates whilst the computer sleeps. iMessage comes to OSX uses either phone numbers or apple id. iCloud syncs more bits of your iLife between your iStuff, including Reminders and Notes. Notification Centre makes it's way to OSX Dictation will appear in OSX too, and will even be compatible with Word. There's more ways to share your pictures, thoughts etc through Safari with Twitter, Facebook et al. Game Center also makes an appearance. AirPlay Mirroring may be the unexpected hit. You can wirelessly connect your mac to your Apple TV, so it can display your lovely photo collections etc, but also 1080p videos. iOS 6: Siri gets an upgrade. It will be able to tell you sports stats, give you restaurant info, film listings, gives Yelp a big hand, and works outside of the US. Hooray! It's easier to bore your friends via Facebook. There's also a new Do Not Disturb. Kind of handy. You can ignore calls, and send them a message saying you're busy, or get the phone to remind you later to call them back. You can also set favourites who bypass this. Cue arguments with you other half. Passbook. I didn't really understand this, but it remembers credit cards and ticket stuff for you. If this doesn't scream NFC in the next iPhone, I've no idea what does. Maps: Apple drops Google Maps and implements a rather new, sexy looking app. It will do live traffic updates (using other iphone users info), turn by turn guides and looks soo nice. 3D, nice pictures etc. edit: It now appears that TomTom is the power behind new Maps. That's about it. You can watch the whole thing here if it wasn't enough.
  12. It's been well documented that Apple has been buying mapping companies and recruiting mapping staff for the past couple of years. It looks like it's going to finally come to fruition when iOS 6 is previewed next month. Apple is predicted to use '3D Mapping' like suggested in the pictures below: It's reportedly smoother and quicker, but we'll have to see what pops up and how good it really is. Source
  13. Firstly, the one that has caught the imagination of most of the web, is that there may be a Retina display on new Macbook Pros, and other rumours that the iMac may also benefit. There seems to be a bit of a question mark on whether Apple could produce Retina displays for the iMac by simply doubling the resolution, and there may be other tricks at hand to simply create a higher resolution. Also, there's been a bit of discussion about the Macbook Pro's form. It's now rumoured not to be tapered like MacBook Airs, but simply a thinner form of the current design. Also rumoured are that the new computers will sport both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt sockets, and that Apple is moving back to using Nvidia for it's graphics cards. The GeoForce GT 650M currently being favourite. No clues about pricing or release dates, though the Macbook Pro has been expected for a while to be released in June. Update Apple are also now rumoured to be updated some, if not all, of the MacBook Airs to Retina displays too. Although it's unclear whether they'll also have USB 3.0 ports or not. Source Update Source
  14. You know the stuff. You press a key on your iPhone and up pops a couple of options for you to choose from. Obviously, Android uses a similar method, as do lots of keyboard app developers and probably lots of other people. Thanks to Apple, it's lawyers may start knocking on some more doors. I have the address for Google and Samsung if they don't have it...... Source