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  1. normal

    Ipad or notebook? What to buy?

    If you're having to write content regularly then I'd always say keyboard is king, and the better the keyboard, the easier to write
  2. normal

    Is a foreign brand called “Xiaomi” good?

    The ranges vary, but like for like, I'd choose Xiaomi. I have one as my second handset
  3. normal

    Is a foreign brand called “Xiaomi” good?

    They're one of the best Chinese imports. Only weakness tends to be the camera, but they're still good for their price.
  4. normal

    EU Referendum on Thursday, 23rd June

    😃 Don't even go there! Has anyone changed their mind about how they voted since the Referendum?
  5. normal

    News: LG G7 ThinQ launched

    Stu. If I was LG, I'd be worried by your support.😃
  6. normal

    The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    RIP. A real gentleman.
  7. normal

    The Premier League Thread

    We were very lucky to be level at half time. We played infront of your defence with no penetration. I only hope the team has learnt from its mistakes
  8. normal

    The Champions League Thread

    We're stepping up in the world, it's going to take time. Just hope we can keep the squad together long enough
  9. normal

    Last thing you purchased

    What model is it?
  10. normal

    The Champions League Thread

    We did. We were too slow to respond to Juve's changes and got hit before we knew what happened. Overall though, the team did really well against a great team
  11. normal

    The Premier League Thread

    Crap? 😃
  12. normal

    Maplin Electronics in administration

    I can't remember the last time I went into one. It always looked so meh.... and expensive
  13. Hi All My sincerest apologies that I've not been around much, nor done much with the site. I know MWC is here, and part of me aches to be in Barcelona, but I thought you might like to see what I've been up to... It's called Holm. It's a website to make it easy to find personal carers for the elderly. Basically, the idea is that instead of expensive and useless care agencies, you can pick the best carer to suit the needs of your loved one. Not only do you save money doing this, but also carers also earn far more than if they worked for an agency. It's only available in Manchester at present. Feel free to have a poke round
  14. normal

    The Premier League Thread

    Seems like the managers curse of winning the league strikes again. Every team wants to play Chelsea right now.