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  1. satsuma

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I'd like a Pixel 2 as my second phone but £620 for a second phone is a bit a steep.
  2. satsuma

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Woke up late and logged into Applestore app at 09:15 - still bagged a 256GB space grey iPhone X for some time before Dec 2nd. Looking forward to it of course but excited at all.
  3. satsuma

    The Premier League Thread

    Early days but Top 4 looks like it may well be a combo Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea
  4. satsuma

    The Champions League Thread

    My mate knows a lot of quite senior people at Novartis (shirt sponsor) and works part time from Basel, maybe the best thing to do is to see him and I can get a couple of tickets through Novartis
  5. satsuma

    The Champions League Thread

    Thx 😀. I wanted to avoid having to "join" Man Utd . Even if I join, I presume I'm in lottery wrt ticket allocation. So there's no way of buying tickets on the open market? I don't mind sitting amongst Basel fans. I can get flights and accommodation for free so I'm happy to over-pay for the tickets
  6. satsuma

    News: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    TBH, if I wasn't going to be getting the iPhone 8, I'd get the Note 8 and I'd happily pay iPhone 8 money for it. CPW are complaining about lack of innovation and pricing affecting upgrade cycles but I bet you there's no shortage of demand for either of these devices.
  7. satsuma

    The Champions League Thread

    Help and advice - bit of noob to this I want to get tickets for Basel v Man Utd on Nov 22nd None available yet according to the cursory search on interwebs What's the best way to get tickets to these types of games?
  8. satsuma

    The LG V30 thread

    Very few Android launches excite me nowadays, the V30 certainly seems like it will be a breath of fresh air. But it's going to be launching against Note 8, Pixel 2 and Huawei Mate 10. Honourable mention to Nokia 8 and Essential phone (if you can actually get hold of an import).
  9. satsuma

    The Premier League Thread

    I would like to thank Chelsea for gifting us Lukaku, Matic, Mourhino and Mata - all of whom will help us to come above them in the league this year.
  10. satsuma

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Poor old James Rodriguez Desperate to leave Real Madrid but finding it difficult to get a top club to cough up the readies. Apparently Chelsea not willing to pay £70m. And this is after Man Utd have said they're not interested. He's got a brilliant record in goals and assists. Maybe Arsenal would like to use their Sanchez money but I doubt Rodriguez wants to play Thu nights [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. satsuma

    The Manchester United Thread

    I reckon Darmian or Rojo would get the nod above Shaw
  12. satsuma

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I forgot to add the VR/AR bit. It's one for the future but I think Apple have the right idea. The practical use case (for now) for this tech is through screen/lenses we already use (phone/tablet) rather than awkward eye-wear which annoys people, has rubbish battery life, etc. The SDK should help developers to create some really interesting stuff
  13. satsuma

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Was quite pleased with WWDC announcements. Minor processor upgrades for the laptops, some funky new iMacs, a high end "intelligent" music speaker and the iPads. Most interesting thing in iOS 11 is the ability to use Apple Pay for P2P payments. With the iOS11 enhancements for IPad, the Ipad can really become of a productivity tool - app dock, easy to shift between apps, drag'n'drop, proper filing system. I've ordered a 256GB iPad 10.5" with cellular - set me back £839 Will have to shell out more for a keyboard case and pencil, so my total expenditure is likely to top £1000. Arriving next Thu, will update on how I get on.
  14. satsuma

    The Manchester United Thread

    So Griezmann a no-go, Lindelof done and Morata edging closer. Rumours that we might buy Belotti as well as Morata - don't quite get that. And Fabhino from Monaco - are they the Southampton of Europe now? Don't see us losing DDG. James Rodriguez being linked with Chelsea instead of us - thank God!
  15. satsuma

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    WWDC a week away and lots of rumours that we may actually see some hardware reveals as well as new iterations of iOS, Mac OS X, etc. High expectations that a Siri speaker and new 10.5" iPad Pro will be revealed and possibly some speed bumped MacBooks. Still not fully convinced I need an Echo or Google Home so a Siri speaker with its crap AI is probably off the menu. Having left my iPad on a flight in Zurich (thanks Swiss Air tw@t that forced me to tuck it into seat pocket when holding it would have been fine) I am in need of a new iPad and why not get a Pro? If the new 10.5" one is revealed, I assume the 9.7" Pro gets EOL'd. 9.7" Pro with LTE and 128GB is £759 so I expect to be paying £800 for my new iPad Adding a keyboard case and the pencil will push the damage to north of £1000. But I will be ale to do most of my productivity, reading, entertainment on the go.