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  1. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Yep that's where we met. Definitely a brand I'd never heard of before. And was in Chinese I'm sure of it. Some nice early polyphonic ringtones on it.
  2. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    No wasn't a Samsung or Motorola. It was a brand you couldn't get in the UK. I'm sure it was a flip though. It was discussed in a thread on the forum and I then met you on a Sunday morning. Had a colour screen. Think it was even in Chinese language.
  3. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Hal, what was that phone I purchased from you years ago, we met in the Starbucks above Waterstones I think it was on Oxford Street, just remember it being a flip phone, chiineese import.??? Oh and Admin where has all my post count gone?
  4. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Was tempted last night to get the AirPods but stopped myself for now. Not sure how much I will use them as I hardly use my other Bose earphones. Will see how they pan out
  5. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I'm still being told Mid November for my 7 Plus 256GB in Jet Black. I was first in the Three store on pre order day
  6. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Hope no one like me has pre-ordered the Jet Black 256GB 7+ from their phone provider. Just been told by a friend high up in Apple that no operator will have stocks until 4th November, 5 minutes later Three phone me to tell me the news I'd already just been told! Another year and another release date f**k up with limited stocks being released. Apple does like creating a hype at our expense!
  7. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Plus model for me all the way. Feels comfortable in the hand and easier to message with.
  8. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Would of love them to introduce a dual sim option. For me that would be brilliant. I've still ordered the 256GB 7 Plus in Jet Black though as my contract was up so thought I'd might as well then pay cash for the new iPhone if it does appear next year as stated. I bet my luck though the Three store will phone me Thursday to say they haven't received stocks of the 256GB in Jet Black!
  9. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    With the acquisitions that Apple has made of various wireless tech companies I was hoping for some kind of wireless charging solution for the home where as soon as you walk into your house your iPhone/iPad would start to charge.
  10. phoneboy

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    I'm happy to wait for the iPhone 7 as there is nothing special in the 6s to make me want to jump from the 6plus.
  11. Oh dear, thats not looking good for a sports watch is it. A tumble whilst out running or a crash on your mountain bike and you could have issues. Perhaps it does need its own headgear to protect it :-)
  12. I cancelled my order an can honestly say that I'm not disappointed at all. May reconsider looking again if they release a Watch Plus with say 47mm screen minimum.
  13. I preordered the 42mm space grey sport with the black band last Friday morning when it went live and had my order in the bag by 8.04am. Booked a try on appointment for the next day at the Regents Street store and had cancelled my order before I left the store. Was so under impressed. The 42mm seemed tiny on my wrist and the crown was far to fiddly in my opinion. To be honest I'm gutted it didn't live up to what I was expecting.
  14. phoneboy

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Well it didn't happen and that now leads me into wondering should I just buy one or still wait on for a bit, and if so how long. God damn hate these rumours!!