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  1. Seeph

    One Plan to End?

  2. Seeph

    One Plan to End?

    Hi Jon - by "no data" do you mean no tethering?
  3. Seeph

    One Plan to End?

  4. Seeph

    One Plan to End?

  5. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    Although John Lewis have put them back up to full price, PC World and Currys are now selling for £199. Apparently (unlike John Lewis) it's new stock as well meaning slightly improved hardware to rectify light bleed / button issues with the early run. Now that 5.1 is (finally!) rolling out I'm tempted again.
  6. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    Had a play instore earlier and wasn't massively impressed. It stuttered a bit on web browsing, and three times I opened Chrome after using another app and it reloaded all the tabs. Same as my N7 before the 5.1 update. This was on 5.0.x but saying no update available - mad that my 18 month old Nexus 7 got it before their supposed flagship? I know this is most likely the memory issue with 5.0 and would probably be fixed when it finally gets the update, but it just didn't feel like an upgrade on what I've already got. Screen size excepted. Was the white model and was absolutely filthy as well on the back as well. Won't be getting one of those.
  7. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    Plus, y'know, I can't get this on my N7:
  8. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    It was just mental thinking it would sell against the iPad mini. Especially as you can get last year's mini with basically the same spec as this year's for £249. Very tempted at this price though.
  9. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    I've still not seen one in the flesh so not sure if I'd like the size or aspect ratio either having used an N7 (both models) for a couple of years. Gonna go have a play with one instore tonight if they've got any.
  10. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    Take your point, it's always better to have more. I've managed okay with the N7 so far though, and the extra ton for 32GB model isn't great.
  11. Seeph

    Nexus 9 £199

    Tipped off on Twitter by an account for @themobileforum - great lads. Black currently out of stock but the white one is still available. Cracking deal, and much closer to what I originally hoped the pricing would be for this.
  12. Seeph

    Nexus 7 (2012 & 2013)

    Am sad the N7 hasn't had a proper successor. Always thought pricing the N9 against the iPad mini was a mistake, even if it were absolutely perfect. Which it's not. Still love my N7, especially now Android 5.1 has made it usable again. No real reason to upgrade yet.
  13. Seeph

    Android 5.0 aka Lollipop

    Not wanting to jinx it, but I think it's made a real difference so far. Got the update the same evening in the end and I've been holding off saying anything as I was wary of the fact it could just be OK as I'd rebooted it. But there is definitely a marked improvement. Yet to have any apps reload and the main telltale sign was the lag when dropping back to the homescreen and it seemed like the entire launcher was rebuilding itself. That's not happened once yet. Battery life - not noticed any improvement, still think it's noticeably worse than pre-5.0 but not really a huge deal to me, it's still adequate. Generally promising though.
  14. Seeph

    Android 5.0 aka Lollipop

    Let us know how it goes Milhouse, not got the update yet myself. I'm tired of having tabs in Chrome constantly reloading, launcher reloading almost every time I drop back to the homescreen, crap performance, having to reboot every couple of days, etc etc If they've finally fixed this it'll be like having a brand new tablet again.
  15. Seeph

    Honor 6 Plus

    Was going to ask about that. The lack of app drawer is weird but I'd probably put Google Now launcher straight on. Would need to see how deep it affected the rest of the software really. A big battery always gets my vote though!