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  1. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    Well if you actually bothered to read my posts you'd see I have no favourite, I use both. And as for others agreeing with you - I wasn't aware this was a competition to see who got the most support - just reconfirms my thoughts on what's been said here tbh. No point wasting more of my time here. Not fair on the rest of the forums viewers - maybe you should do some moderation and tidy the place up.
  2. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    But then again @RobM we are all generally clued up enough about mobile OS here to then not make a blanket statement
  3. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    Read into it what you will - it seems you have done already - assumptions seem your thing (no smiley this time!) To be fair though, your previous post seemed to make no mention it applied to your phone and pretty much was a blanket criticism of Android in general. 'One thing I've never understood with Android is the stupid idea of hiding some of the most used settings like mobile networks (mobile data on/off, APN, network type) under an "other" heading. Logic would have that as a main menu item.' Hence my 'false information' post - had this have indicated 'your Android devices' didn't have the option, my response would have been different.
  4. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    What it shows is that each OS has its merits and reason people choose it - there's no reason to say one is better than the other (particularly when it's based on false information ) and I would hope there's certainly no place for a 'mine is better then yours' culture on here - leave that to the kids on G+ [emoji14]
  5. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    That in itself says a lot [emoji14]
  6. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    Wouldn't use a Samsung device as an example It's right where you want it on 6.0 - toggle is under data usage. Plus, let's not talk about difficult to access settings causing extra charges *cough* WiFi assist *cough* I've used and owned both types of devices on many occasions and the whole one just works argument is now thinner than its ever been. Wouldn't stop me going back again to iOS but this wouldn't be my justification for doing do that's for sure.
  7. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    But its in the Wireless and Networks section which surely is the obvious place for those options to be?? WiFi, Bluetooth and Data are three main headings - the other more technical settings a layer behind that - surely that's trying to 'uncomplicate' things like iOS fans say Android has to do?
  8. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    Well I think iOS settings need a little tidy to be honest. Still agree iOS still has that 'it just works' feel but there are a few settings that are a little too well hidden for the average user that it's in danger of moving towards Android 'complexity' [emoji14]
  9. WhiteHartMart

    The iPhone 6s Thread

    Yep - I've seen a few comparisons such as http://snapsnapsnap.photos/iphone-6s-camera-comparison/ which show an increase in detail as you;d expect in good light but as soon as the light level drops, the 6s picture starts to struggle and look a little dark to my eyes. Then again, how many photos do I expect to take with my phone in low light - probably not many. Still shows the iPhone 6 has a good all round camera though
  10. WhiteHartMart

    The Google Nexus / Android Event September 2015

    Not a fan of the looks of I'm honest, particularly the back, of the 5x - bumps and rings and holes everywhere As for the 6P - think that looks pretty nice, except it's just too tall - taller than the current Nexus 6 due to the larger bezels. Plus, take away the Nexus branding, I ask myself whether I'd drop £500 on a Huawei device and the answer, for me at least, is no.
  11. WhiteHartMart

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Glad to see the back of him. Shame we couldn't do it sooner - can't imagine he helped the atmosphere of the club behind the scenes.
  12. WhiteHartMart

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Got my 6 64gb reserved for the 25th in store. Gone for silver again - beauty of same design is that the wife will never know I've changed [emoji13] Almost went for a 6s+ but remembered I found the 6+ just a tad too large for my daily use.
  13. WhiteHartMart

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Expected camera bump is what o wanted plus 3D touch looks good for quick navigation shortcuts. Apple TV will be a definite for me.
  14. WhiteHartMart

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Think Dier is being considered for that role tbh - pretty sure he played there in this weeks friendly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. WhiteHartMart

    The LG G4 Thread

    Found the battery on the S6 and G4 to be poor compared even to say an iPhone 6. I think it's more down to the OS than hardware though. Although the leather back was nice I just found the whole feel of the device uninspiring - although the camera was fantastic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk