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  1. Ebbingtide

    Iphone 5 "upgrade"

    Think I'll give it a miss
  2. Ebbingtide


    If you purchased items through itunes or the app store then those items remain on your account for ever , regardless if you delete them off your device. You can just download them again when required.
  3. Ebbingtide

    iPhone 5S/5C and iOS7

    So I'm not cracking up then , I'm sure I saw this feature in a video of a beta version but when I got mine it wouldn't work shame indeed
  4. Ebbingtide

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi my name is Duncan , I don't suppose any of you remember me but I was Gadget over at Whatmobile. I just went on there and found the place deserted , after a little look about I found a link to this forum. And there was me thinking you were all playing an online version of hide and seek lol. I remember MadDog and Millhouse very well and you guys have helped me out several times over the years with answers to my questions. A quick bit about me , I live in a small village on the Norfolk coast and work on the rivers of the Norfolk Broads and I'm also a Volunteer H.M Coastguard Rescue Officer. I'm also a moderator on a multitool forum. Like you guys I've had loads of phones over the years , starting with a Motorola Personal and ending with a Iphone 5. But I still look back on those days with Nokia 5110's and swappable covers and then the programmable ringtones of the 3210 with much fondness. Dunc