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  1. Milhouse

    The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    RIP Ray Wilkins. Grew up watching him play. Terrific player and Chelsea through and through, even when playing for lesser teams.
  2. Milhouse

    The Premier League Thread

    I still remember when we had a decent defence! Good goals from Ericsson and Ali to be fair. But our defence was garbage, Christensen too afraid to put a decent tackle in. Wonder who our next manager will be...
  3. Milhouse

    The Champions League Thread

    Disappointing, but we hit the woodwork twice, and were denied a penalty. We had a go, Willian and Kante were outstanding, but changes are needed and that may also include the manager. Unfortunately our 'keeper is bang average but who thinks he's something special - with a bit of luck Atletico will take him away.
  4. Milhouse

    The Champions League Thread

    Pogba came on after 60 mins (for Fellaini) when it was still 0-0 and with everything still to play for, particularly as United had the home advantage. 18 minutes later United were losing 0-2.
  5. Milhouse

    The Champions League Thread

    Didn't watch the game, but I heard Pogba was sh1te. I'll be disappointed if we go out of the competition tomorrow, but as long as we give it our best shot I won't complain. It is after all Barcelona, and not some 5th placed no marks who should be beaten comfortably.
  6. Milhouse

    The Champions League Thread

    That's a shame, hoped for Spursy having a longer run in the CL so we could nick some points of 'em in the PL. They really blew it tonight.
  7. Milhouse

    The Premier League Thread

    Unacceptable performance. Unacceptable. No other words to describe it.
  8. Nokia 6 with wireless charging for €279... Mmmm...
  9. Milhouse

    The Premier League Thread

    Yep, your big lump was better than ours today. But that don't take much the way Morata has been playing. Very disappointed in our second half performance. Morata was onside. Officials in general had a poor game with the ref allowing too many fouls to go unpunished.
  10. Milhouse

    The Premier League Thread

    Barcelona in 2 weeks...
  11. Milhouse

    The Premier League Thread

    Well that could be the end of Big Tone. Shambolic performance tonight. We've now lost against Bournemouth and Watford, two of the worst teams in the Premier League. Something is seriously wrong at the club. AGAIN! Oh and Bakayoko is an awful player, absolutely useless.
  12. Milhouse

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Apparently a loan might be considered. Emerson has signed though, 23, left back, 4.5 year deal. Hope he's better than some of the other defenders we've signed recently - Baba Rahman... awful (and now on loan at Schalke). Jury is still out on Rudiger. At least Christensen is doing alright.
  13. Milhouse

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    I've never wanted a player to get injured but since we're apparently sniffing around Giroud I'll make an exception and hope he spends the next month in the Arsenal treatment room, scuppering any chance of a deal. He's just a legless Morata - we can do better than that. Even if we don't sign anyone!
  14. Milhouse

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Totally! I would have been so embarrassed if we'd signed that donkey! We seem to be struggling to sign anybody right now. Even Crouch has been suggested. Grim times.
  15. Milhouse

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Sturridge goes on loan to WBA for 6 months - I wonder if they bothered with the expense of a medical? I bet he isn't fit for more than half of the 14 remaining games - I reckon he's now in the last chance saloon.