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  1. deebo007

    Best Camera Phone

    It's a shame they used the Huawei P10 and not the P10 Plus, the upgraded optics really make a difference.
  2. I complained to Voda about poor signal and they put £69.99 credit onto my account so I could purchase a Sure SIgnal instore. Funny thing is the signal issue was resolved and the Sure Signal remains unused in it's box. Might stick it on eBay...
  3. deebo007

    What's going on at Sony thread

    I'm into day 3 and still very pleased. Battery life seems to be pretty good so far, easily on par if not better than my moto X Force. The SD820 processor runs a lot cooler than my previous SD810 phones (Z5 and Moto X Force). On initial setup when downloading and installing over 100 apps it was only slightly warm. My Z5 and Moto were very hot doing the same thing. Camera is very quick to capture and the images look very good so far. More to follow...
  4. deebo007

    What's going on at Sony thread

    It arrived this morning, first impressions are very good. This thing is very quick and very nice in the hand. I'm very happy with it so far.
  5. deebo007

    What's going on at Sony thread

    Any thoughts on the Sony XZ? I've just bought one on eBay for a bargain price...
  6. deebo007

    What Budget Phone?

    I've recently setup a Wileyfox Swift for my mom (she's 72!). She's taken to it really well with no issues so far. Great little phone with a decent spec for the money.
  7. deebo007

    Help needed choosing a logo

    Same here.
  8. deebo007

    The LG G4 Thread

    I'm on my second LG G4, the first one had a very annoying issue with the touch screen. Basically, it would interpret swipes as single touches, and the unlock double tap was very unreliable. I called EE customer care, who couriered a new one to me on the same day. The new handset is much better, I've encountered no issues with the touchscreen. I've also noticed much-improved battery life with the new handset.
  9. deebo007

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    There's no chance WBA will let Saido go for £15M. Think it would need to be nearer £25-30M for Peace to sell.
  10. deebo007

    Last thing you purchased

    How is she finding it? I just got one on ebay for approx £15 delivered, should arrive early next week.
  11. deebo007


    Faster processor. Will have better support and drivers too at a guess.
  12. deebo007


    Think I'd spend the extra £10 and get the NUC:
  13. deebo007


    It does if you use the bundle option on the bottom of the page for the R1.
  14. deebo007

    Phone For A (Very)Old Person

    Have you looked at these: