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    New Content Since Last Visit

    Just seen the answer to the feature i was rambling on about above posted on 'Shortcut to the latest post of a topic' thread Tried it and it works
  2. man4u2nv

    New Content Since Last Visit

    On here i already click 'view new content since my last visit'. A list appears with topics that have had new posts since my last visit. After clicking one of these topics i find myself scrolling through trying to recollect the last comment post i read the last time i visited. What was handy on the WhatMobile forum was that all i had to do was click 'new posts since last visit' then from the list generated click into a topic and then scroll to when the date of a post was coloured orange as it signified a new post since my last visit. Visually it made it much quicker and easier to navigate to the latest post.
  3. man4u2nv

    New Content Since Last Visit

    A feature that i found useful on the WhatMobile forum was that the date & time used to be coloured orange for new posts that i hadn't read since my last visit in topics, making it easier to navigate/scroll to the latest posts. Is there something similar to this on here that i've missed in my 'Settings' maybe? I've had a look in the 'Help' section but couldn't find anything related to this issue.