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  1. Rvn

    The Champions League Thread

    True but I think the whole team iunderperformed. They just weren't at it. Jose should have kept the same team as on Saturday.
  2. Rvn

    The Champions League Thread

    Pogba came on late in the second half but the tie was lost much earlier than that. None of our players were any good over both matches except one save from DDG in Seville. Jose gambled and blew it.
  3. Rvn

    The Champions League Thread

    Gotta love Chiellini's post match interview of basically "it's Tottenham, history tells us we'll always have chances to win". Or "lads it's Tottenham" [emoji3]
  4. Rvn

    Last thing you purchased

    Nice motor! Can you connect to the car remotely with your smartphone? We had a look at the Passat Estate GTE before settling on a filthy diesel. [emoji3]
  5. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    Bordering on throwing a match.
  6. Nokia 8110 revamp with 4G at around £80.
  7. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    Sounds like a typical referee performance away at Stamford Bridge. Nice to get the rub of the green against you lot.
  8. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    Not bad for a carthorse [emoji3]
  9. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    Shouldn't have picked a fight with Jose [emoji3] Hiddink 3...
  10. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    Clean sheets against Spurs and Liverpool too.
  11. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    No yesterday was not just about the individual defenders for me. We were outnumbered and overrun in midfield. It's not the first time that's happened under Jose. Rumors of Mata and Martial interesting the Spanish clubs. I'm more disappointed that Jose can't find a tactical solution to get the best out his players, especially in the big matches against our major rivals. As for spending, what did Pep achieve last season and how much has he spent to put City where they are now? He's cleared out most of the dead wood but Jose still hasn't completed that. Yeah I didn't expect us to be that bad yesterday.
  12. Rvn

    The Premier League Thread

    Kane was in our half before kick off so a lucky goal. But we were awful at the back. I reckon Jose needed another midfielder in from the start. On another day Kane would have scored a few.
  13. Rvn

    FA Cup 17/18

    Like the Arsenal board, laughing all the way to the bank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Rvn

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Love mine too, apart from it failing to power on thus becoming a very expensive paper weight one morning in India a few days ago! +1 for the Apple warranty.