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  1. Winterman

    The Premier League Thread

    AFTV was gold this week, have to say DT was particularly good and his bit about watching his first game and falling in love rung true with me about my teams, particularly Pakistan's cricket team.
  2. Winterman

    What retro phones do you still have?

    Pretty sure I still have an 8910i kicking around somewhere, that or the 8800 Sirocco were aesthetically my favourite phones ever.
  3. Winterman

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    You know the best bit about that book? Download the zipped images, it still contains the _MACOSX file and the legal notice is an editable .rtf file. Weak. Really, really weak.
  4. Winterman

    What's going on at Samsung

    Sounds like a plan. Campaign for JM for Samsung CMO starts here!
  5. Winterman

    What's going on at Samsung

    +1 to Dave Absolute shambles from Samsung and I will definitely refrain from buying any of their mobile products for me or my family while it seems they are skipping QC.
  6. I have a Yank one that I think IFTTT works on if anyone is after one
  7. Winterman

    The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Matic has been a passenger for 18 months since 'that' tackle by Barnes. Not sure what happened to him. I'd like to see Chalobah promoted to first team replacing Mikel as our go-to guy for certain games. I reckon Conte could do the business with him.
  8. Winterman

    The Euro 2016 Thread

    Absolutely delighted for Portugal and Ronaldo. Yes, Portugal were largely trash in this tournament and he wasn't anywhere near his epic best but when it mattered, they summoned teamwork and dedication (which he was a big part of) and went all the way.
  9. Winterman

    The Manchester United Thread

    Which leagues? Italy, Spain and Portugal are all known for being trigger happy. Maybe in France, Belgium (apart from Lyon, Monaco and PSG) and Germany (apart from Bayern) but really, there isn't much room for it anywhere near the top end of the game.
  10. Winterman

    The Premier League Thread

    So, Jose gone. We're such idiots.
  11. Winterman

    The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    PNev apparently has the players ear and is well liked by the dressing room so can't see any value in losing him apart from the lulz. Provided Mendes doesn't heavily involve himself with regard to team selection as he did with the previous manager then The Brothers Nev should do a decent job as Valencia have a young, attacking team.
  12. Winterman

    The Premier League Thread

    Who, TSF? I agree, prized turd. Fabregas has strongly denied it. If I were him and it wasn't true, I'd launch legal action as this is defamation of character.
  13. Winterman

    The Premier League Thread