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  1. kradcliffe

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 thread

    Well it's basically going to be a more or less exact copy of the Note 8 but with the fingerprint sensor moved down. At least it stall has a headphone jack and no notch.
  2. kradcliffe


    Why don't you go ahead and tell us. I'm sure you will be able to suggest a manufacturer you already provide branding solutions for.
  3. kradcliffe

    SD Card Cable?

    You need a USB SD card reader. They support multiple card types and only cost a couple of quid nowadays.
  4. kradcliffe

    News: LG G7 ThinQ launched

    3,000mAh non-removable battery. Major fail there. Nobody cares about AI. Some but not many will buy because of the speaker and DAC, but many won't because of the notch. Externally it's identical to the Huawei P20 (Pro) Is someone having a fire sale on notched screens because everyone is using them?
  5. kradcliffe

    News: Insider Preview build 17127

    First thing I did when I installed Windows 10 yesterday was disable cortana Be interesting to see how many people actually use it!
  6. kradcliffe

    Last thing you purchased

    Best of tech but a hell of a lot of money for a Golf though!I
  7. Sad for the staff but not really a surprise. Vastly overpriced cables and components and shelves filled with Chinese tat no-one wanted. Also famous for having last years tech at higher prices than the new stuff. Double the price for SSDs and memory sticks .... I could go on. I went in last week with a circuit board and schematic to try and get replacement diodes, and no-one could help me. Sorry mate, nobody that works here knows anything about electronics. Well you had better change the sign above your door then! Looks like Amazon, eBay and CPC Farnell have won then.
  8. kradcliffe

    News: Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ launched

    My post about the notch was tongue and cheek .... I didn't think someone would ACTUALLY do it. Jesus wept .....
  9. kradcliffe

    4G on the moon ???????

    Most towns and villages around me don't even have 2G that streams data correctly. This is bonkers.... or April 1st has come early!
  10. kradcliffe

    News: Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ launched

    Surprised there's no notch though. Samsung are famous for copying Apple so that's disappointing
  11. kradcliffe

    News: Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ launched

    Meh. And yet another £50 on top. Prices are getting ridiculous put people keep stumping up.
  12. kradcliffe

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    It's really bad on demo units of the S8 and Note 8 too, but of course in Vodafone's case it's bright red graphics left on a screen 24/7 at full brightness. No issues with burn in on my Note 8 so far either.
  13. kradcliffe

    Merry Christmas!

    Cheers Nik, all the best to you and your family too!
  14. kradcliffe

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    No, they just applied it as a permanent discount on my account for billing problems in the past .... a sweetener to stay with Vodafone I guess rather than moving elsewhere. In the three years with them in Aberdeen the service seems good enough, there are some blackspots but no worse than any other network in reality. Abroad the roaming is superb ..... 10/10 I ended up going for the Note 8 at £37.50 a month which is pretty good.
  15. kradcliffe

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Called Vodafone about my upgrade today. I have a 25% discount on my account but it can't be used on the iphone 8/+ or the X. Apparently they can't be discounted in any form although the sales person did not know why. Everyone really fights to keep the price of Apple devices sky high.