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    Mobile World Congress


    3310 is a nice touch of nostalgia but it won't be built nearly as well and who would actually use one anyway. It won't be running the same OS so I expect it to be a flop. Sony & LG are dead as far as I am concerned. For Sony it's the same old mid-spec stuff reeled out every single time and for LG they just keep missing the mark .... and their UK CS is horrible. Blackberry are probably wasting their time as well. Huawei / Honor are the ones to watch. Samsung may have some serious competition at a lower price point. Again I don't see anything exciting at all. CES was a proper let down and I can't see this being any better.
  2. BT is hiking prices for broadband and some calls and is to begin charging TV customers £3.50 for BT Sport. The company said copper broadband customers will see a £2-a-month increase from April 2, Infinity fibre broadband will go up by £2.50, representing typical increases of 5% or 6% across the bundle. BT TV customers will have to pay £3.50 a month for BT Sport from August 1, while customers who have BT Broadband and watch their Sky satellite service will see a £1.50 increase to £7.50 a month. Non-BT Broadband customers who watch BT Sport on their Sky box will see their monthly charge go up £1 to £22.99 a month. Anytime calling plans will go up by 49p to £8.99 a month and evening and weekend call plans will go up by 30p to £3.80. All call pence-per-minute rates are going up by 1p and the call set-up fee is going up 2p to 21p and individual calling features are going up by 25p, such as Call Minder which will increase from £4.25 to £4.50. BT said it would soon be announcing details for automatic compensation if it fails on service and was investing in UK call centres, nuisance calls protection and faster repairs by an average of 31 hours. It has also frozen prices for BT TV packages and the £18.99 cost for those who only take a phone line. BT Consumer chief executive John Petter said: “Customers will get a better package and improved service from us this year in exchange for paying a little more. “Millions will have the chance to upgrade to faster broadband and almost a million will be able to upgrade to enjoy unlimited usage for no extra cost. “As usual, we’ve taken care of low income customers by freezing the price of BT Basic and capping call costs. We’ve also frozen line rental, which will particularly help customers who only take a traditional phone service from us.”