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  1. Luckily for the past month my PTS has been behaving perfectly. But from the Fitbit announcement til then I was having so so many issues. But as long as it stays like this I can hang on til it goes back to spazzing out. There was something the Fitbit blaze didn't do that I thought it should, else I'd have gone for that. But no. Can't remember what major feature it lacked right now. Plus they ruined my pebble love affair, so I am not interested in them. But it's good to hear I chose well not to, if you're calling them incompetent.
  2. So after the expensive of moving out and such I put this on delay. I have a card with £125 on it. So with a series 1 watch at £299 it would only mean a £174 spend. Would I really be missing that much, if I got a series 1 over a 2? Other than minor improvements and gps? Being swim proof rather than splash proof is no big deal for me as I can't swim lol Most the alternatives I'm looking at are a step backward from my pebble time steel. So it's looking like I'm gonna have to save and cave for an Apple Watch. Even though I prefer buttons than touch screen on a watch (sweaty fingers at the gym and such), and even though my PTS has 9-10 days battery. Not sticking with the PTS as it'll become useless one day due to lack of support.
  3. Haddock26

    News: The Nokia 3310 returns

    I'd love it if I still had need for a going out, and if I could cope with t9.
  4. ...But then also at £400 it's like double my budget. So even if it was ideal I couldn't. Two watches that could match my needs and wants: https://en.ticwear.com/pages/product-introduce $199.99 And the misfit vapour. No idea when it's out though. Suggested price of $199 also. Anyone had any experience of either of these brands?
  5. So, sleep tracking, pedometer on all the time, notifications, controlling some music, and maybe using one or two apps on it. Per day. Would be like 2 days? And does it know I'm working out, as opposed to ignoring it? What does the watch do when it's run out of battery and you don't have the charger? Turn off, or low power mode?
  6. Had a look into the Apple Watch... I'm really struggling. I've gone from 50/50 to 0. I wanted to consider the Apple Watch. But it's massively above my price bracket (like double the price). And the 18 hours (to apparently 2 days) makes me too nervous. 18 hours! That's not even a DAY! And like I said, I want the watch to monitor my sleep, so it's not as easy to change as a phone. I'm going to end up cut short at times, and that just won't do. So with that and the price I'm going to discount it. I thought worst come to worst I could go for it, but I just cannot even have it as a last resort.
  7. Hmm. I'd cope with 3-5 days. It's just not convenient for me to charge a lot when I want to monitor my sleep. Currently I just put it on for like 40-50 min charge whilst I get ready for work in the morn as and when it needs to/ when I remember. I mean, I'll cope if I have to.. but having that reduced battery life, would mean the watch has to be a winner in everything else/ almost perfect. Can it know the fact that I'm working out, as opposed to doing nothing/ recording a couple of steps?
  8. I'm an iPhone user. But I hear the Apple Watch has like one days battery. I'm used to a ten day life. However I know I may have to compromise on this. But one day! So with that in mind, I can't justify the spend.
  9. So I like the look of the misfit vapour. But I'm not sure when it's out and it's probably out of my price range. However if anyone knows any info or rumours on this please tell me. Another watch that caught my eye is the ticwatch 2. Probably one I'm going to look into further. Shame the Martian Notifier smartwatch doesn't have at least a pedometer as it's that cheap it would make do as a stop gap watch. It's had alright reviews.
  10. I still think Fitbit should offer all their customers such a deal, not just US. They're being stupid by not doing so. Well if I'm gonna stick with pebble I may as well stick with my pebble time steel. But given the issues I have, is why I am looking for something else. (Connectivity being lost, crashing, apps failing, watch wiping itself, getting logged out of the phone app randomly... of which some can be fixed quite quickly, but other issues can take 20min (but only til the next time) ...and I can get one problem in a week, or several, or none). These bugs I'm having, no one is there to iron it out, to update, or to support. So the servers being on for now means nothing to me. The only advice Fitbit gives to all its pebble customers is to make sure everything is up to date, which it has been for ages. Therefore I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a new pebble as, as soon as you encounter problems with no support, essentially you're wearing a scrap yard on your wrist. Gutted really, as nothing comes close to my PTS :-|
  11. Fitbit hating on their uk customers. I dont know why we cant have the equivalent of $50 off. Rude. I'd buy a blaze for sure if I had the offer.
  12. No. Someone else sent me the email from somewhere your side of the world. But I couldn't apply it. Such a shame. Because I'd be more inclined to get one. As it seems like the blaze is fine but not amazing. (But at least all its functions would work). Wonder why they haven't sent such an offer to all of pebbles customers?! I wonder if it's a uk thing. But why.
  13. I've never really been into fitbits. The blaze being the only appealing one. Not overly keen on the screen bracket design. But it's the only watch that is close to what I want so I guess I'll have to do that. This morning my pebble suddenly got full functionality back. Then crashed. *eye roll*
  14. Actually. Scrap the vivioactive. It's huge! I knew it was slighter bigger. But after looking at more and more pics. No. Back to the drawing board ??‍♀️ My pebble time steel is so normal looking watch wise, and looks fine on a girl. Why did pebble have to go bankrupt. I need support and bug fixes! Tut.
  15. "I'm going to find a replacement for under £100" was my original comment for my hunt. Fail. Haha. £180, + colourful strap.