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    Ipad or notebook? What to buy?

    I’m torn between getting the latest Ipad or buying a notebook for myself. I’m a freelance web content writer and most of the time I’m always travelling. I guess you could consider me as a digital nomad. I already have a Macbook but sometimes it feels so inconvenient to bring it around. I always have to use bigger backpack so I could carry it with me when travelling. I’m going away to a Ukraine ski trip this coming winter. I wanted to bring something smaller where I could write whenever. Any suggestions or comments from the people on the internet?
  2. mobileis1real

    Is a foreign brand called “Xiaomi” good?

    But, is it better than Oppo and Vivo?
  3. I’m looking for a phone that’s affordable and has great specs for games. Basically, I’m starting to look into different brands and a foreign one caught my attention which is called “Xiaomi.” For all those who are tech savvy, is this brand any good when it comes to mobile phones? If so, does it run games that requires high ram really well?