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  1. SteveyAsp

    News: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    IIRC they run Honor's VMall probably why it's such a shocking service
  2. SteveyAsp

    News: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    I've pre-ordered a dual-sim one direct from SamsungUK....that at least gives me 28 days to return it should I not like it
  3. SteveyAsp

    4K TV's

    A bit higher than I wanted to spend but cheers
  4. SteveyAsp

    4K TV's

    Cheers Nik, I picked up a Sony, the picture looked decent enough to me
  5. SteveyAsp

    4K TV's

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. SteveyAsp

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    The thing is all LG's drop in price quickly and i wouldn't be surprised to see it at £500 or below within 3 month's LG have made 3 fatal error's IMO Not getting it out earlier, The price and stripping it's specs for our market.
  7. SteveyAsp

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    I was on 7 Hrs 57 mins when I put it on charge at 3% Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  8. SteveyAsp

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    We'll have to see how widespread it is, mine may have a slight tinge down the side but certainly nothing to get upset about. I'm more interested in battery performance. After it's first charge I'm on 6½ hours SOT with 30% left. That's mostly on WI-FI so the big test will be tomorrow when I'm out all day and on Cellular.....
  9. SteveyAsp

    The LG G6 Thread

    They've always offered freebies in the states, usually a spare battery and charger but never have in the UK
  10. SteveyAsp

    What's Happening at Google Thread

    I prefer my Pixel XL to my iPhone 7+ IMO Android on the Pixel is a better experience thank iOS
  11. SteveyAsp

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    All the rumours I've seen suggest a 5.8" and 6.2" screen
  12. SteveyAsp

    O2 RPI price increase announced

    They're all doing it
  13. SteveyAsp

    Seriously unimpressed with Vodafone

    Just called to cancel my deal and they offered me unlimited texts, unlimited calls, 4gb of roaming data, Spotify for a year and 22gb of data for £22pm
  14. SteveyAsp

    Three Like Home returning

    Can you not take it to CISAS?