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  1. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I used Apple Pay for the first time this morning. It was as un-dramatic as it always has been. It was slightly more convenient, if anything, as once FaceID has recognised you, there's no need to hold a button, or do anything particular to ensure it works.
  2. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I don’t think that picture has changed in years; both are good and bad at different things. It’s largely irrelevant though, as the real question that determines your choice, is do I feel tied to iMessage or not?
  3. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    After an hour or so, you stop noticing. There are occasional reminders depending on what app you’re in, but the majority of the time it’s not something you think about. I’m enjoying it more all the time, the screen, layout tweaks and gestures actually add to the experience in a really positive, but subtle way.
  4. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I’m glad I’m not alone then! 😊 Im enjoying it and the subtle differences I’m finding, the more I use it. No regrets so far.
  5. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    So... because I'm stupid / weak / foolish (delete as appropriate, or add your own), I got an iPhone X today, despite my comments about not doing so. I had one in my basket last week and decided against it, but totally flipped last night, so wen't and picked up a Space Grey 256GB version this morning. Initial impressions are positive. The build and feeling in-hand are awesome, it's not as heavy as I thought it would be and feels both compact and huge at the same time. The screen size makes it feel massive in use, but when powered off, it's barely bigger than an iPhone 8. Those who own a non-Plus iPhone will know the feeling when they see the screen of a Plus iPhone... it's that, just temporarily, each time the screen is on. It'll become normal very soon I'm sure. The gestures make total sense and are already very natural and very efficient. It feels so 'right' compared to the Home button already. FaceID works fairly naturally; if you combine it with Raise to Wake, you can pick it up and swipe up to unlock very fluidly, with FaceID doing its thing at the same time, with no need to wait. There's a very minor delay (the word 'FaceID' appears on screen while it waits), but it's no slower than TouchID. The screen is superb (although I'm not convinced about True Tone, it's a bit yellow indoors for my liking), although it feels like a missed opportunity to not use the 8+ layout and screen optimisations. Everything else is every bit as good as the best of Apple iPhone screens. Overall, I still don't think it fully justifies it's price tag, but it is bloody superb. The thing that made me go for it, was reading an article suggesting Apple didn't intend on releasing this until 2018, but managed to get it out early, meaning next years version of it will be a very minor refresh. It means I can see myself keeping it for longer and skipping a version.
  6. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I didn't realise until today that the cellular version has a ceramic back and more RAM, in addition to the LTE connectivity. They're reason enough to buy the LTE version, IMO.
  7. RobM

    The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    It just shows what the iPhone market really is. The majority of launch-day customers (e.g. not your average Joe who buys something on contract, but those who buy the specific phone they care for) just want 'the best iPhone', whatever it may be. I've been in that camp before, I haven't fully left it, but the iPhone X's price tag is a step too far. It's also going to come with teething problems, so spending more than I'm comfortable with for something that I can't help but will feel unfinished, doesn't appeal. I was going to go for the 8 instead, but since wireless charging (which I really want!) is the only tangible benefit over my 7, it's hard to justify.
  8. RobM

    Last thing you purchased

    I'm just in the process of swapping from a 12" Macbook to a 13" MBP with Touch Bar. The only reason was the Macbook struggled with a couple of applications, which I couldn't find suitable alternatives for. For my use, which is largely based around Microsoft Office, Chrome and a few odd tools here and there, the Macbook was superb for years (I had the original at launch and then a 2016 model after). The portability is amazing, the screen is really nice (although I'd prefer a higher resolution) and the performance is plenty good enough. I never struggled with the lack of ports either, all I ever needed was Apples digital AV adapter at most. But, every now and again, some applications push it to the point you can see it struggle. Therefore, since I don't need that level of portability these days, I've changed to the MBP for more power. The size and weight difference is huge... much bigger than I had in my head it would be. The 12" Macbook is like carrying an A4 notebook. The MBP is like carrying a laptop (duh).
  9. RobM

    The Premier League Thread

    Tuchel is the favourite, but that's as much press and bookie speculation as anything. Puel should feel hard done by, but it was right to let him go. He was stitched up somewhat - you can't sell Pelle and Mane, not replace them and then blame the manager for a lack of goals - but his style was boring and he never won the fans over. Another season and some good signings may have been all he needed, but the first loss at home would have caused a lot of fuss and negativity, which nobody needs. It's all normal for us anyway, the manager can be replaced as often as you like, as can players and it doesn't disrupt us... despite the press and football 'experts' predicting doom every single year.
  10. RobM

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    Not really... but press and hold the home button and you'll launch Siri.
  11. RobM

    The Internationals Thread

    How many other English forwards are fit and scoring goals though? Slim pickings at the moment.
  12. RobM

    The Internationals Thread

    Clearly building something for the future. Agree it's a bit lightweight, but very tricky, technical and creative. It'll be fun to watch, but can imagine we'll spend as much time face-down on the deck as we will playing football.
  13. RobM

    What's Happening at Google Thread

    I ended up buying a Pixel (not XL) to replace my S7 Edge. No regrets, despite the lack of wireless charging, which is an irritant. iOS and Android have reached a point where there is no real quality difference between them when judged as a whole. Each has things they do better than the other - customisation, email, background tasks, automation are better on Android; calendar, simplicity, iMessage are better on iOS - but overall, they're the same standard. Even the apps have reached parity in most cases. Not once, over the Samsung and Pixel experience, have I regretted leaving iOS. Previously I was the same as others have said; I'd leave iOS for Android, enjoy it, get annoyed, go back to iOS. I can't find a single reason to do that now.
  14. RobM

    Getting a new boiler, buying Nest

    The only downside to that plan is, with Tado at least, there is some configuration they do at their end to make sure everything is configured properly. When I moved house and moved Tado with me, they needed the new programmer and boiler information before I could re-install it. It's all simple stuff, they just need to know. The benefit is they send you exact installation instructions, step-by-step, with pictures of exactly how to connect each wire and which to ignore totally.
  15. RobM

    Getting a new boiler, buying Nest

    If you're in any doubt at all, email a photo of the existing wiring to Tado support for their advice. They are by far and away the best technical customer service department I've ever spoken to and they have a good understanding of typical heating wiring setups (e.g. S-Plan or Y-Plan). That aside, so long as you've given them the right controller and other information, the instructions they provide you are very easy to follow. The first Extension Kit I installed took 45-minutes and most of that was me being paranoid. The second hit a snag (which they helped with massively by helping identify the correct wiring layout) but would have otherwise been 30-minutes tops.