Pure Rob Ryan Edition of Evoke D2 Radio

    Pure have been working with designer Rob Ryan to make an exclusive seasonal version of the classic Evoke D2. This model will be exclusive to John Lewis stores and Rob Ryan's London store. So what is it like?



First thing I noticed when I removed it from the box was the size. It was smaller than expected, but fairly heavy in the hand, and felt solidly built. And as this is the Rob Ryan version, the graphics on the top and sides were a nice touch, nice to look at, and would certainly draw your attention in store.

The radio has a fairly minimalistic look. The front has volume and select rotary buttons and a source and menu button as well as 4 buttons for station presets and a power button. At the rear there's a socket for the supplied AC adapter, headphones, aux in and also a mini USB for firmware updates. It also has a a small aerial and a door to fit a rechargable battery pack that can be bought separately.



Once powered on, the unit auto-scans for radio stations and there are 10 preset stations available. A quick press of the source button lets you skip through DAB, FM, Bluetooth and your Aux input. A press of the menu button allows you to make any small changes needed, such as time and date, screen brightness and screen information.

For such a small unit, the sound was excellent and fairly loud; ideal for the house or where I've been using it, in a small retail premise. The Bluetooth and Aux worked easily, with minimal set up, and the screen, although small, clearly displayed any information needed.


The build and sound quality are both excellent. The Bluetooth and Aux are nice features to have, so although its a little pricey, I think you would be getting what you paid for. My only major gripe would be paying an extra £20 for the Rob Ryan graphics on the sides and top. An all white or walnut version are both available for less than £100, and a version without Bluetooth for around £80. It would be up to yourself if you needed Bluetooth and also the fancy graphics, but all in all, this was a really nice radio that performed well.

Written by: Dean5098

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