Philips Release Laser Guided Beard Trimmer

    Philips have quite a pedigree in shavers and beard trimmers, but I was more than sceptical about their latest innovation in the BT9280 which is the World's first laser guided beard trimmer. So what is it like?

A number of things filled me with trepidation when I first opened the box. Firstly, there was no TurboVac, which is on my current beard trimmer. Basically, it sucks up about three quarters of my hair trimmings as I shave, and makes cleaning afterward easier. It also cuts up to 7mm long beards, and my current beard trimmer is set to 8mm. The detail comb wasn't spring controlled contour following, but a simple piece of plastic. Also, the laser seemed a bit gimmicky...

Getting straight to the point, I really liked it! So what changed my mind? Well. Starting off with the length settings, Philips have changed the angle at which the dual sided trimmer works, when combined with the new style detailing comb, means that I now set the trimmer to 4.5mm (not 8mm). So my first worry was overcome.


What really impressed me though was how well it trimmed my beard. I normally find I need to go over my beard with some scissors after using the trimmer, reaching the 'uneven' bits previous trimmers fail to deal with (surprisingly many). The change in angle of the trimmer meant that nearly all the hair was cut. The style comb was also really comfortable and didn't scratch my face either!

As for the laser, when used in conjunction with the small side of the dual trimmer, became really useful for detailing. I didn't have to guess where I'd be cutting, as the laser showed the exact point.

Other features worth mentioning are that it's water resistant, so cleaning is a real doddle. I just ran it under the tap to clean. It also charges really quickly. 60 minute charge give one hour usage.

Gripes? Well two. I think Philips has been a bit stingy in not giving a travel pouch with the £100 trimmer, and I do miss the TurboVac. Maybe next time....


Despite my initial worries and scepticism, I'm completely won over by Philips' 9000 series Beard trimmer. It's not ideal for people with long beards, but it cuts excellently, is comfortable to use, is well built, and actually helps cut a smarter beard!

Here's a video of a nice chap showing it off ;)

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OK, £80 isn't too bad for a decent beard trimmer, especially one that comes with a frickin' laser! I was expecting over £100.

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