Logitech +drive & +trip Review

    Logitech has released the +drive and +trip mobile phone car mounts. So what are they like?


Here's my video review. :)

I should also mention that the +drive also comes with an additional disc you can you to mount on dashboards.

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User Feedback

Nice idea (and nice video) although I can see the +trip breaking a few car air vents unless the vents are quite study!



I don't think it's a risk. It does clip on very nicely. My only down points were it was further to reach, and that it didn't have a big enough 'head' on it so wasn't as sturdy as the +drive when pressing buttons. I'd have like to have seen something like the +drive which could stick on a vent, and it would have been perfect. But as we know, nothing perfect every exists!



I like the Plus Drive.

£35 seems a bit steep though.


Knowing that it's extremely solid, reliable and should last you years would hopefully sweeten the price a bit.

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