Budget Computers and Internet Available for UK

    Get Online@Home is a new charitable project to help get the poorest people in the UK onto the internet.

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    • I'm a Motorola user myself and not gonna lie, Motos are the best budget phones in the market today. I own a G5s Plus and it's really amazing. It's so powerful for a budget phone. You're really getting your money's worth.
    • Hello!  Maybe some of you knows that new iPad Pro can be used as professional (well at least pretty good) drawing gadget. Mostly it’s because we have Apple Pencil.  But I have experience of using iPad2018 for the same need. As for me it’s really good, but it has parallax and it makes drawing a bit uncomfortable.  Also, as you know, and as all doctors always say: it’s bad for our eyes to look at the screen a lot. And if you use tablet for drawing you may face this problem... Do you know how can we escape this? (And can we, actually?)
    • Price is the most important factor, you would considering while buying a smartphone. Not everyone could afford an iPhone. So, Xiaomi gives foremost importance to the pricing of its devices. Even its latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 with premium features just costs under $400 (INR 25,000).
    • this is new to the market, and there are not much content on the internet. 
       I saw user review on XDA forum, the review will help you to decide.
    • Hello  everyone, I joined the forum, because i need your expert opinion. 

      I am looking for Cat S41 alternate. I liked Cat S41, but i can't pay $350+. 
      after searched, i found Poptel P9000 Max.
      i like it because of 9000mAh battery with quick charger, 13mp back camera, 4 LED light for Torch, and IP68 Rating.

      I need your suggestion.

      thanks in advance   
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