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  1. Blurry Cam Strikes again at Sony Mobile

    Sony Mobile seem keen to get out of the blocks now it's free of it's relationship with Ericsson. Their not very good at giving phones codenames. This rumoured handset is called 'Hayabusa' (possibly pronounced 'Hey Abuser!') This leak doesn't seem to be taken with either a modern Xperia or iPhone, unless there's an app for that...

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  2. Nokia Releases City Lens Beta for Windows Mobile

    Nokia is looking to augment it's vast investment in maps by adding augmented information.

  3. More Changes at the Top for RIM

    Blackberry maker, Research In Motion, continues it's shake up of top executives by appointing a new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

  4. New Apple iPad2 Detected In The Wild

    New iPad 2 variant has been detected in the wild with a new 32nm chip, which is claimed to give an battery life increase of between 15.8% - 29.1%

  5. Samsung Galaxy III Launched! - A round up

    Everyone was caught by surprise when Samsung suddenly launched the Galaxy III in London today. Ok. Just kidding! After weeks of Apple-esque hype, what is it all about?

  6. Apple and Samsung take home 99% of the profits for mobiles

    It seems like a crazy statistic, but according to the latest research by Asymco, Apple and Samsung made 99% of the profits in mobile handsets for the first quarter of 2012.

  7. The Next Galaxy: Samsung to launch new phone on 3rd May 2012

    Samsung are launching their next Galaxy phone today. The phone, expected to be the Galaxy S3, has been the subject of much speculation over the last few months.

  8. Welcome to Mobile and Gadget

    Welcome to the new Mobile and Gadget website and forum. This site is built by its members for its members. We want you to have a say about what we cover and even how we work!

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    • Price is the most important factor, you would considering while buying a smartphone. Not everyone could afford an iPhone. So, Xiaomi gives foremost importance to the pricing of its devices. Even its latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 with premium features just costs under $400 (INR 25,000).
    • this is new to the market, and there are not much content on the internet. 
       I saw user review on XDA forum, the review will help you to decide.
    • Hello  everyone, I joined the forum, because i need your expert opinion. 

      I am looking for Cat S41 alternate. I liked Cat S41, but i can't pay $350+. 
      after searched, i found Poptel P9000 Max.
      i like it because of 9000mAh battery with quick charger, 13mp back camera, 4 LED light for Torch, and IP68 Rating.

      I need your suggestion.

      thanks in advance   
    • If you're having to write content regularly then I'd always say keyboard is king, and the better the keyboard, the easier to write 
    • I’m torn between getting the latest Ipad or buying a notebook for myself. I’m a freelance web content writer and most of the time I’m always travelling. I guess you could consider me as a digital nomad. I already have a Macbook but sometimes it feels so inconvenient to bring it around. I always have to use bigger backpack so I could carry it with me when travelling.  I’m going away to a Ukraine ski trip this coming winter. I wanted to bring something smaller where I could write whenever. Any suggestions or comments from the people on the internet?  
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