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    It looks like Apple is getting ready to reduce it's reliance on Google and Google Maps with the launch of iOS 6 next month.

    It's been well documented that Apple has been buying mapping companies and recruiting mapping staff for the past couple of years. It looks like it's going to finally come to fruition when iOS 6 is previewed next month.
    Apple is predicted to use '3D Mapping' like suggested in the pictures below:

    It's reportedly smoother and quicker, but we'll have to see what pops up and how good it really is.

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    Mozilla is claiming the Microsoft has locked out third party developer browsers from Windows 8 machines using ARM processors.

    ARM processors are very popular amongst tablet and mobile manufacturers, and Mozilla's claim that Microsoft is excluding rivals to Internet Explorer from accessing the same level of access privileges, and so won't be able to offer as many features which people take for granted in browsers these days.
    Both Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome have made major inroads into Internet Explorer's dominance and both companies can be certain to legally challenge the situation if correct, and Microsoft remain reluctant to change things.
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    This is great news for many home cinema fans who've been dreaming of this day for a good couple of years.

    OLED screens are reputed to give greater contrast, better colours, and faster response times than current screens. Enthusiasts have been waiting years since Sony first released a 19" OLED screen. Finally, the wait is over and Samsung have released a very sexy 55" set. The ES9500 will be Samsung's range topper with every feature imaginable. It will also be mega-thin.
    The bad news is, most enthusiasts will have to continue dreaming, as prices haven't been released yet, but the odds are that you could probably buy a small car for similar money.
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    Exciting news for people who have a spare couple of grand and take their photography very? seriously. They can now go out and buy Nikon's latest high-end camera.

    The Nikon D800 is the successor to Nikon's D700 which was released back in 2008. Life's moved on significantly since then and so there are major upgrades available to those who're interested. Upgrades include:
    A new 36MP CMOS sensor
    51 point AF system
    ISO span 100-6400 (expandable to 25k!)
    1080p video recording
    See dpreview's full review for more details.

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    Micron is said to be budding to buy the Japanese Elpida.

    The register says
    "Elpida is a bankrupt Japanese DRAM manufacturer that has fallen on hard times and is weighed down by $5.6bn debt. It has been searching for a white knight with a phased bid process. Toshiba and SK Hynix were potential bidders but have decided not to proceed."
    Full info at El Register