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    Look -- what's the problem? I wouldn't be foolish enough to put it in a mere 'pocket'. If you do that, you deserve everything you get. I keep mine on a golden plinth in a hyperbaric chamber surrounded by armed guards, and see it only by way of prior appointment in writing. As advised by Apple's care guidelines.
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    Sorry for the delay guys. I'll initially copy my post from AVF but intend to expand on this over the next day or so. 'Well I've had a day with mine and although its close between this and the HTC M8, its the Samsung I'm keeping. Screen - usual comparison here - both look stunning. Samsung better blacks v HTC better whites. Font of HTC seems to give impression of being sharper/higher res although I think its also due to screen size (feels a tad narrow and stretched compared to the S5). Speakers - obviously a M8 win - the speakers are superb. The S5 speaker is pretty decent though and call/speaker quality doesn't seem to have suffered due to the water resistance fortunately. Battery - both stunning, but initial thoughts are S5 has the edge - 1 day of use and 5 hours screen time on first full charge. HTC seems better in standby though. Camera - M8 is fine in use and results aren't bad - even great when viewed on phone screen. In my opinion they just lack ultimate detail when view on TV/Computer but thats to be expected with the lower mp count. S5 wins this one for me already although night shots are slower than the HTC, the improved daylight shots compensate for this imo. Build - a no brainer this one - HTC is stunningly put together. But therein lies a problem. It feels great in the hand but its added weight to the device and also I don't think it feels that balanced when using one handed. S5 is solid enough and doesn't feel as cheap as expected - its very much a mini Note 3 in construction feel. Finally, how are they to use. Well both are blazingly fast - maybe the M8 the fastest, but, single handed use on the M8 scares me - its a tad too long to be comfortable and that metal construction makes it feel more slippery than a bar of soap. Add a case you say, but then I've added size, weight and taken away that beautiful finish which seems pointless to me. Sense 6 does look and perform great though. The S5 feels much easier to use one handed - its dimensions just feel better to me and the back is just grippy enough to not have fears about it sliding out of my hand. Just to wrap up, if there was one thing to convince me to keep the S5 (other than the camera) its the onscreen buttons (or lack of them). The S5 screen may not be much larger but when you see how much screen is wasted on the M8, I couldn't go back. Something like Facebook is an absolutely mess on the HTC with black notification bar and screen button bar taking up at least an inch. inch and a half of screen estate. Problem is, when you have a black screen button bar, it just emphasises the big black HTC bar underneath and probably makes it look worse than it is. In summary, they are both excellent devices and it'll probably boil down to which one is more right for you. I've plumped for the S5 but rest assured whichever you chose, you'll end up with a cracking Android device.' As an additional thought, I loved my Note 3 (TW and all) but just found it a fraction too large. The S5 just feels right to me (like a mini Note 3) and while I can't put my finger on one particular feature it really does feel like the most complete Android handset I've owned. Finally, some call TW bloated and I guess it does have too many unused features but imo in general use it feels the most complete Android OS - too many little points to expand on this at this stage (maybe I'll list them later!!).
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    Yep, empty space here on Android & Windows. So you only see it on Apple gear? Oh well, carry on then... all 4 of you should be able to see it!
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    Just picked one of these up as a media PC / backup DJ laptop. It's only i3 but seems punchy enough. Comes with 1920x1080 touchscreen and backlit keyboard. Slightly heavier than the Yoga 2 Pro but not much in it really. Pretty decent machine for £449 if you were looking for a laptop. http://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-yoga-2-convertible-ultrabook-intel-core-i3-4gb-ram-500gb-13-3-touch-screen-silver-grey/p1775250?sku=234141688&kpid=234141688&s_kenid=688df16a-e48d-0aa9-a355-0000413f0636&s_kwcid=402x20972&tmad=c&tmcampid=73&kpid=234141688
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    My steel arrived today.....and its bloody marvellous! It looks better than I'd hoped, it works better and it does more too! Within half an hour of getting home I was adjusting the heating and turning the living room lights on and off from my blooming watch. Superb.
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    I have three invites. PM me your email addresses. I think RobM, hal and mcgrad were first. If any of you don't need an invite now,please say so, and the next on the list gets one.
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    Well, I "sort of" bought some new wheels too….
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    No, I think it's actually correct...! Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
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    8 months later and it's all complete. I'm sad, but relieved. It's been a hard slog to get here, and there have been some downs along the way. I've shouted, screamed and cried more in the last few months than I have ever done in my entire adult life. Those of you who know me that I'm generally a gentle person (if a little cheeky), and I've kept away from my close friends as I didn't want them to see me like this. Although it's been an 'amicable' divorce, my ex-wife (I have to get used to this term) has pushed me to the edge at times, as pure self-interest took over. I moved out 3 months ago, and my daughter has been amazing in how she's dealt with the divorce. There are two things which I'm ashamed of though. Firstly, that it's become obvious that I haven't spent enough one to one time with my daughter as she grew up and she's attached to her mother. It's not that we can't be together and be happy, but she has a clear preference for her mother. We're having to build that relationship over the last few months. Secondly, I cried one night in front of her, and she had to hug me. The legal system in this country sucks and needs to change. It doesn't work in the best interests of anyone, and does what it thinks is best, in it's own time. I got divorced 3 times effectively over the past two months. Once in legal terms, once in financial terms, and once in child care terms. The fact that these things ran separately over a long period of time added it's own stresses and pressures and needs to be improved. It also didn't take into account the thoughts and agreements of those involved and who knew the people involved, and the safeguards put in place, and did what it thought was best by having looked at some documents for half an hour, without taking time to consider the wider picture. It makes a messy situation worse and needs to be fixed. Just so people know the score. My ex took every penny from the marriage, but left me with what I had before, and she and my daughter are moving to Hungary this summer. My wife said she's stay if I'd given her more so she can live. What she meant was, if she could buy a nice house in a very nice area and not ever work again..... I'm still not sure about the wisdom of moving to Hungary and the far right's recent election success just made things worse for me. I'll be travelling to Hungary every month and spending holidays with my daughter. I hope this will be enough. On a happier note, I don't feel depressed anymore. I'm more able to be a father to my daughter and I'm able to be happy and laugh again. I've also met someone, and I can't express how happy I am with her. It also sadly makes me realise what a destructive relationship I was in before.
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    In case anyone already has a Z1, I've done a quick video on how to convert it into the Z1 Compact. Only takes a couple of hours or so...
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    I synced mine up last night to my 6+ Colour me slightly underwhelmed even though my expectations were not sky high. The Good *********** The packaging - makes you feel you're buying something a bit special. Silicon strap is extremely comfortable. The display is just gorgeous Touch screen very well calibrated for such a small device - I got a Galaxy S6 this week and it's a great phone but the touch screen experience is still way behind Apple. Siri is very accurate The taptic engine is areal winner - just the right level of tap without it being annoying Notifications (other than e-mail) seem to work really well Answering a call is not quite as silly as I thought it would be - actually quite practical especially as I'm on crutches at the moment. I like the way 'Favourites' are set up; 12 favourites is more than adequate for me. The Bad (Not-So-Good) ************************** Very limited number of 3rd party apps which are actually that useful The UI requires a learning curve but it's not as bad as I had thought it might be. This means that 'Glances' is currently not quite as useful as it could be. Moving your wrist doesn't always result in you seeing the time, it needs to be more of a flick if you don't lift wrist right up. Force Touch works great but the apps are so basic can't really see myself using it much for the time being The watch faces are not terribly customisable, there's not many of them The animated emojis are very few and pretty boring. The Ugly ********* Drawing data from the phone is dog slow in some cases - the BBC News app 'Glances" simply take ages to load if they load at all - deleted it from 'Glances'. Twitter not much better. I have had the Apple Watch app on the phone hang / crash on me a few times, when it's busy syncing with the watch, whilst I am trying to do things in the app. Prolonged playing with the watch drags iPhone battery life down alarmingly fast. ****************** Not exactly doing cartwheels here in terms of value for money. Having said that I think I will persevere. Watch OS2 will address things like customisable clock faces. It was also allow native apps which should allow app 'Glances' to be far smoother and more useful. I suspect once native apps are available we will see much better apps and some significant absentees like WhatsApp appearing. Having a broken foot means I cannot really check out the fitness functionality properly for a few weeks. I expect Passbook on the Watch will become pretty useful as I travel a bit more after the summer. I also expect Apple Pay to be quite handy (hope Barclays get their ducks in a row - after not being announced their social media accounts got bombarded forcing them to say they were in 'positive discussions' with Apple). Being able to use for Oyster on TFL will be handy. 9-to-5-Mac carried a piece on Apple Watch 2: iPhone-independent WiFi FaceTime camera More $1000+ options to fill the gap between Steel model and Edition I am sure there will other improvements too. I wouldn't expect an announcement until next summer or autumn personally.
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    I'm back on the forum more regularly, been lurking for over a year on and off. I am back as a regular consumer only though, its been a year since I was directly involved with the phone industry and for the moment I'm out of it. Wasn't as scary as I thought...
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    Great read, as always I've not once regretted buying the 6+, but I knew what I was looking for before I bought it. I had a Galaxy Note 3 and loved it for exactly what it was, a 'phablet'. It's a phone when I'm out and about, but a tablet when I'm stationary. For a few boring and practical reasons, a move back to iOS was sensible so I bought a 5S. Great hardware, great OS, but using it felt like viewing my phone through a letterbox, from the other end of a hallway. The screen was just too small. Enter the iPhone 6+ and the perfect device for me right now. Back to 'phablet' use, still with iOS and with battery life that means I can use it however I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want without fear. I racked up a usage time of 9 hours yesterday and most of that time was gaming (albeit fairly simple games, nothing too 3D intensive). Yes, it's big. Yes, one-handed use needs consideration. But as with anything, you learn and adapt and get used to the best way to hold it IF you want to. There are only two things missing from making it the perfect device for me - wireless charging and water/dust proofing.
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    I find it baffling that people are still going to the effort of comparing Apples hardware specification against Android phones, as if it somehow proves a point. I can only assume they're bored, lonely, 11 years old or work for Samsung. Who buys a chipset, RAM, flash storage, a screen, a digitizer, a case... rollocks, you buy a complete package including the software it runs. It's also strange that people don't realise opinions and expectations change with time. There was a time when the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices (HTC / XDA's) were 'too big' with their 3.5" screens and a K810i was just fine thankyouverymuch.
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    Spare a thought for all staff employed by P4U
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    I'll put some first impressions in another article (along with photos and videos); but in general it looks and feels like a nice handset; well put together and certainly a good build quality. The UI is nice too; it may be a bunch of small changes, but they do give the phone somewhat of an unique feel. Laser autofocus is FAST - I tried videoing the phone focussing; but my S4 couldn't keep focus on the G3 well enough to show this off. I couldn't get the selfies gesture or the expandable keyboard things to work. The keyboard looked pretty much like any other Android keyboard, and almost identical to what Samsung uses in it's handsets. The biggest disapointment was no review handsets to take away
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    Can't wait for that simpleton Redknapp to have a go from the safety of a studio, or that half-wit Geoff Shreeves... "Louis, do you know you've just been knocked out of the Europa League?" Van Gaal might end up on a murder charge although any reasonable jury would let him off as he'd be doing the viewing public a favour.
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    Since summer is definitely here (15 degrees in Sunny Aberdeen) I gave my baby a clean today.
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    BREAKING: David Villa signs for Villa, Antonio Valencia signs for Valencia, Nile Ranger signs for Rangers, Danny Shittu signs for Tottenham.
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    The correct way will be what Apple tells us.
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    A secure place where you post your long card number, last 3 digits on the back, expiry date and your billing address.
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