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    Not even noticed it really, it doesn’t get in the way at all. Now looking for a case as close to the official Apple silicone one I have but slimmer. carl
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    Rob, Word perfect exactly the same here too. Restoring as I type. Had one last week in the basket and decided not too, then giffgaff had stock and when I was on the web page they were out of stock but after a few clicks to refresh they had stock so I hit the buy button. It feels fantastic in hand and as you say with the swipe gestures they are feeling natural even this soon. The Face ID has worked perfect too so far indoors. Another 256gb Space Grey here too. I now have my month old iPhone 8 Space Grey 256gb to sell on to fund the X Carl
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    If it meant winning the Premier League title then why not?! Better than ending up with nothing, again.
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    So... because I'm stupid / weak / foolish (delete as appropriate, or add your own), I got an iPhone X today, despite my comments about not doing so. I had one in my basket last week and decided against it, but totally flipped last night, so wen't and picked up a Space Grey 256GB version this morning. Initial impressions are positive. The build and feeling in-hand are awesome, it's not as heavy as I thought it would be and feels both compact and huge at the same time. The screen size makes it feel massive in use, but when powered off, it's barely bigger than an iPhone 8. Those who own a non-Plus iPhone will know the feeling when they see the screen of a Plus iPhone... it's that, just temporarily, each time the screen is on. It'll become normal very soon I'm sure. The gestures make total sense and are already very natural and very efficient. It feels so 'right' compared to the Home button already. FaceID works fairly naturally; if you combine it with Raise to Wake, you can pick it up and swipe up to unlock very fluidly, with FaceID doing its thing at the same time, with no need to wait. There's a very minor delay (the word 'FaceID' appears on screen while it waits), but it's no slower than TouchID. The screen is superb (although I'm not convinced about True Tone, it's a bit yellow indoors for my liking), although it feels like a missed opportunity to not use the 8+ layout and screen optimisations. Everything else is every bit as good as the best of Apple iPhone screens. Overall, I still don't think it fully justifies it's price tag, but it is bloody superb. The thing that made me go for it, was reading an article suggesting Apple didn't intend on releasing this until 2018, but managed to get it out early, meaning next years version of it will be a very minor refresh. It means I can see myself keeping it for longer and skipping a version.
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    I don't like saying it, but I thought City's performance away against an in form Napoli team was the most impressive by an English team in Europe this week. Real on top form would be more competitive.