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    I'm just in the process of swapping from a 12" Macbook to a 13" MBP with Touch Bar. The only reason was the Macbook struggled with a couple of applications, which I couldn't find suitable alternatives for. For my use, which is largely based around Microsoft Office, Chrome and a few odd tools here and there, the Macbook was superb for years (I had the original at launch and then a 2016 model after). The portability is amazing, the screen is really nice (although I'd prefer a higher resolution) and the performance is plenty good enough. I never struggled with the lack of ports either, all I ever needed was Apples digital AV adapter at most. But, every now and again, some applications push it to the point you can see it struggle. Therefore, since I don't need that level of portability these days, I've changed to the MBP for more power. The size and weight difference is huge... much bigger than I had in my head it would be. The 12" Macbook is like carrying an A4 notebook. The MBP is like carrying a laptop (duh).