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    39% Phone usage? Are you actually using your iPhone for phone calls? ... That's sooo last year
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    I'm planning on reviewing one with a bit of luck.
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    Went for it in the end, and after around a month using it I'm pretty happy. Felt like a bit of a punt initially considering six months ago I'd never even heard of them, and despite the positive reviews it still felt like a bit of a gamble. Still not quite sure what will happen if it suddenly goes wrong... Coming from a Moto G, first impressions were obviously that it was far, far too big but as with anything got used to the size in no time. Would be very hard to go back now. Absolutely love the sandpaper back - more phones should have this! Especially when they are so big, it actually makes one handed operation doable a lot of the time. Great idea. Generally a big fan of the design - feels and looks pretty "premium". Screen and battery are the big wins for me. Both are excellent. It's fast as anything - not managed to get it to stutter at all yet. You'd probably expect that though given the specs. Camera is a lot better than I was expecting (again this was always going to be a big leap coming from a Moto G though). Never used Cyanogenmod before but it's good that it's so close to stock, with all the little extras a massive bonus. Touchwood, it's been pretty stable too with just the odd bit of slightly weird behaviour like showing the wrong lockscreen wallpaper every so often or something like that. Be interesting to see what they do with Android L when it's out. Negatives agree with the M&G review about signal strength, it definitely isn't as strong I'm used to which can be a little problematic at times, and when it's particularly low it hits the battery a bit as it disconnects / reconnects. The other half still using a Moto G on the same network and there is a marked difference in strength when sat alongside each other. The lack of 800mhz LTE not an issue for me for now as I'm on Three, but once they start using that a bit more I'll obviously miss out on VoLTE etc Makes my Nexus 7 feel smaller now there's less difference between the screen sizes so I'll probably need to buy a new tablet next... Fed up of people asking "is that the new iPhone" as if they have never seen a big screen before Apple did it. Overall though really pleased
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    Let's hope you're still mad come Sunday afternoon
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    Chiriches has to go. I spent the whole game thinking that, and then his penalty at the end was just the cherry on top. I can't believe we sold a decent young English defender like Caulker, to sign this joker. He's constantly error prone and makes Kaboul look reliable (he was immense against Arsenal!). I'm still also flummoxed how Kaboul in captain and really can't see why it's not Vertonghen or Lloris. On the plus side, Fazio is looking like he's settling into the team. Fingers crossed.