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News: Insider Preview build 17107

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Stuclark    70

Yesterday Microsoft released Insider Preview build 17107; the second "release" build from the Redstone 4 branch of Windows 10. This is the first "spit and polish" build from that branch, in readiness for the Redstone 4 release to the public, sometime in March 2018. Read on to see what Microsoft have changed and fixed in this build.

As this is a build from the "release" branch of Redstone 4 development, don't expect there to be many, if any new features in the build. Indeed that is the case, with the only significant change being to Windows Update - From rs4 onwards, Windows Update will keep a PC that's on mains power awake for up to 2 hours when not being used in order to "allow Windows Update more opportunity to succeed".

Other than that, there's a whole bunch of fixes, of which the most important is another Windows Update related fix - essentially Windows update will now no longer "pause" for up to 90 minutes while at the 88% stage of installing a new build. Here's the full release notes from Microsoft.

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