The LG V30 thread

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Stuclark    70

LG are due to announce the V30 in just over a week's time, but they've already started leaking lots of info about it.

So far we know that it's goign to have an 18:9 screen aspect ratio; a 6" display; no secondary display (unlike previous V series phones), but has a "floating bar" similar to Samsung's Edge panels); a f1.6 dual sensor camera; voice & facial unlock options; and apparently lots of new camera software features.

Word is out on Quad-DAC, Wireless charging, processor, RAM and of course availability; but we'll find out more come IFA and the official unveiling.

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satsuma    178

Very few Android launches excite me nowadays, the V30 certainly seems like it will be a breath of fresh air.

But it's going to be launching against Note 8, Pixel 2 and Huawei Mate 10. Honourable mention to Nokia 8 and Essential phone (if you can actually get hold of an import).

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kradcliffe    153

I've been tentatively looking for something to replace the Note 4 but nothing has caught my eye yet. Apart from slightly better cameras there's nothing new on the table at all.

LG phones can suffer from bootloops and poor build quality, not to mention the horrendous UK customer support.

I don't like the edge display or this new "stretched" screens. What's wrong with 16:9 and why change it?

Samsung pricing has gone even more stupid than before so they're definitely out. 

Guess I'll keep looking then .......



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