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  1. The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    RIP. A real gentleman.
  2. The Premier League Thread

    We were very lucky to be level at half time. We played infront of your defence with no penetration. I only hope the team has learnt from its mistakes
  3. The Premier League Thread

    Not a bad night of football. I thought Spurs beating Bolton 4-1 was nice, but Cisse's two goals against Chelsea were stunning.
  4. The Premier League Thread

  5. The Champions League Thread

    We're stepping up in the world, it's going to take time. Just hope we can keep the squad together long enough
  6. Last thing you purchased

    What model is it?
  7. The Champions League Thread

    We did. We were too slow to respond to Juve's changes and got hit before we knew what happened. Overall though, the team did really well against a great team
  8. The Premier League Thread

    Crap? 😃
  9. It looks like Microsoft may be planning a new 3D UI to be released this autumn along with a Lumia 1020 successor. I'm not sure if this is going to add anything or not, or if it's just going to be some sort of gimmick. I guess we'll see soon enough.
  10. Maplin Electronics in administration

    I can't remember the last time I went into one. It always looked so meh.... and expensive
  11. Hi All My sincerest apologies that I've not been around much, nor done much with the site. I know MWC is here, and part of me aches to be in Barcelona, but I thought you might like to see what I've been up to... It's called Holm. It's a website to make it easy to find personal carers for the elderly. Basically, the idea is that instead of expensive and useless care agencies, you can pick the best carer to suit the needs of your loved one. Not only do you save money doing this, but also carers also earn far more than if they worked for an agency. It's only available in Manchester at present. Feel free to have a poke round
  12. The Premier League Thread

    Seems like the managers curse of winning the league strikes again. Every team wants to play Chelsea right now.
  13. The Premier League Thread

    And that super tight defence? It faced some cracking strike forces....
  14. The Premier League Thread

    But are key to what we're discussing City and Utd are in a league of their own when you look at spending.
  15. The Premier League Thread

    Sorry. I couldn't find any options for last 2 years.
  16. The Premier League Thread

    Yeovil, Burnley, Stoke, Derby, Everton, Southampton. Meh
  17. The Premier League Thread

    Defensive, Utd are rubbish. The only defensive Utd player I wouldn't mind at Spurs in De Gea. Man for man, who else could be called at least an equal? Are Spanish clubs trying to sign any of your attacking players? I'd be very disappointed with your squad given how much it cost.
  18. The Premier League Thread

    Not sure what I enjoyed most last night; Utd's collapse, Jose bollocking Pogba, or Chelsea's capitulation 🙂
  19. Eden Hazard has revealed he'll be playing in blue in the Premier League next season. I never knew Everton were after him. Benoit Assou-Ekotto is as blunt as usual. He'd like to play for a bigger club who'll pay him more money. You've got to admire his honesty.
  20. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Llorente's available
  21. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Funny you should men that. You had a lucky break when Andy Carroll got injured before he could complete a transfer!
  22. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    It's basically a 6s in a 5s' body isn't it? It should deliver on those fronts. Speaking of which, there's rumours of a new SE coming soon.
  23. Apple reported it's latest financials. Sales still seem to be going up, but profits are slightly down. That could be down to exchange rates though... iPod sales have almost disappeared and iTunes is really starting to grow. The iPhone still dominates. Speaking of which, Cook said that the 5c's not supposed to be an entry phone. The 4s is. There's no figures on 5s vs 5c sales, but analytics suggest 5s sales are three times 5c sales at the moment.
  24. FA Cup 17/18

    Are they ever?
  25. More than a bit of a f*ck up really. Watch Intel squirm under all the lawsuits heading it's way.