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  1. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    It's basically a 6s in a 5s' body isn't it? It should deliver on those fronts. Speaking of which, there's rumours of a new SE coming soon.
  2. FA Cup 17/18

    Are they ever?
  3. More than a bit of a f*ck up really. Watch Intel squirm under all the lawsuits heading it's way.
  4. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Should be offset by your wallet being lighter 😃 All seriousness though, it felt very first generation to me and not everything was great thanks to Face ID and no home button. I felt more work was needed for the money and returned mine
  5. The Premier League Thread

    Meh 😉
  6. Merry Christmas!

    Wishing you all a happy Christmas Nik
  7. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Probably Jonny Ive's packaging....
  8. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Completely agree. It wouldn't hurt for Apple to upgrade their chargers to at least the same as iPad ones.
  9. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    MacRumors did a really good test of wired and wireless charging for the iPhone
  10. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    You're right.
  11. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Battery life was a key factor for me with the 8 plus. I seriously hammer screen time these days. The only negative is the size, but it's manageable. Only Android phone which tempts me is a dual sim Huawei Mate 10 Pro, but I just like iOS and I seriously benefit from the Apple ecosystem with a MacBookPro, Watch, Airpods and the rest of the family on iOS.
  12. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I bought an iPhone X for fun, played with it for a few days, and returned it. I really like my 8 plus. Photos and battery life are far better than my partner's 6s.
  13. Android apps track you

    To be fair, it's a crash reporter.
  14. The Premier League Thread

    We'll be back. (But only for the cups this season)
  15. Android apps track you

    Might be true, but we don't know.