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  1. normal

    Mobile World Congress


    Looks like Samsung must be enjoying this MWC. LG had a variety of regional models and no all in one version, and no killer feature (rather Sony like). Huawei basically re-released the Mate 9 and made it more expensive, and Motorola and Nokia did nothing to challenge the status quo. I guess we're left with Sony and HTC. Neither has any pedigree of late. Galaxy S8 event is March 29th. If Samsung launch within a couple of weeks of the event, they won't even be late to the game. Are Xiaomi at MWC?
  2. normal

    Mobile World Congress


    Sadly. I wont' be going again. I've got to focus on my business project.... It does look like one to miss though. I would love a Huawei P10 though. I was tempted to pick up a P9, but thought it'd be rude not to pick up a Xiaomi Mi5s instead and save some cash too.
  3. The Trainer Ti100 earphones are aimed at sports people, weighing only 14g and offering 6.5 hours battery life, as well as freedom of movement through bluetooth. But not only that, but they also incorporate an interesting Aeroflex option will allows users to easily choose between in ear and more secure over ear usage. Not only that, but night runners are also covered too. With NightNav, the earphones illuminate small LEDs to make sure the runner is easily seen. On top of these already impressive features, the Ti100 also offers water / sweat resistance and also attractive and strong Zylon cables to extend it's lifetime. Available in white or black, it's available from John Lewis for £150 and is certainly worth a look for sports people.
  4. The Air 100 V2 and Air 200 V2 are upgrades on their original speakers. Here's some information from Cambridge Audio. It's worth noting that Cambridge Audio products used to be exclusive to Richer Sounds, but are now also available in John Lewis. We look forward to giving them a test at some point.
  5. Here's a quick reminder video of what it looks like: Here's some information from Parallels on the latest new features: As it says, there's a two week free trial, so it's definitely worth a go. We found it the best way to access your desktop from a mobile / tablet.
  6. The first thing to note is that whilst many cheaper soundbars provide basic stereo sound, the YSP-2500 creates a 7.1 surround sound effect. How? It has sixteen small speakers hidden behind it’s front grill, which bounce beams of sound off the walls of your living room to create the surround effect. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer to add bass to your experience. Features & Specification Alongside the surround sound and wireless subwoofer already mentioned, the YSP-2500 has 3 HDMI inputs (and one output), two digital optical inputs, one digital coaxial input, and even a socket to add an additional / alternative subwoofer. The HDMI sockets are 2.0 / ARC and allow you to pass through 4K and 3D video, as well have being able to be controlled by your TV remote. Which is just as well as the remote is very dull. If you do need to control setup or the advanced features such as sound modes, then there’s also a very handy app available for iOS and Android which works well and is really easy to use. Other than that, the soundbar supports a host of surround sound formats and also has bluetooth aptX to stream high definition audio from your phone. Build Taking it out of the box, the first thing you notice is that it’s a lot bigger than you expect if you’ve been looking at supermarket soundbars. Saying that, it’s still surprisingly small compared to other high end sounders, and less likely to block IR sensors on your TV. As an added bonus, the large feet on the bottom of the speaker are removable and can be replaced by small feet, making it shorter still. It also comes with a very handy, easy to use template too if you’d like to wall mount it. Length wise, this YSP-2500 is suited to being used with larger TV’s. Whilst you can start using it with 50” screens, I’d personally recommend using it with 55”+ size screens purely from an aesthetic point of view. The speaker itself is solidly built and has a nice, premium finish. To the left of the front, it has simple display which tells you which inputs are selected and the volume. There’s a couple of input selector and volume buttons on the top, two discrete sockets on the front for headphones and the set-up mic, and everything else is behind. The wireless subwoofer still needs to be plugged into the mains, but otherwise you're free to position it where you like in your living room, and it isn't bad looking either. It’s slim and can be positioned either standing, or lying flat, which makes it even more flexible. Performance First thing to note is that set up is really super duper easy. You plug in the mic which is included, plop in on a cardboard stand which comes with it, put that in the viewing position. Tell it to start, leave the room, and come back 3 minutes later after it’s made a variety of strange noises. That’s it. Yamaha really are very good at auto set up on all their AV gear. Coming back to it’s performance. If you’ve never used external speakers before, you’ll immediately be left wondering why not. It’s a night and day experience compared to any TV’s built in speakers. Everything sounds 1000% better. The subwoofer also works seamlessly with the main speaker to create the missing depth, and there’s a general improved ‘ambience’ to the sound. If you’re used to a decent separates system, and speakers, then you’ll still be surprised that you’re not sacrificing much. It’s only if you’re used to higher end equipment, that you’ll notice a drop in sound quality. The one thing everyone’s asked me is, does the surround sound work? I’m afraid it’s a bit of a yes / no answer. I’m used to using a 5.1 speaker set up and no matter how clever Yamaha is in bouncing sound beams off walls, it’s not as good as the real thing. Saying that, it gives a pretty good go. Whilst some people were amazed by the surround sound effects of the YSP-2500, I personally felt it didn’t give the same directness of a 5.1 speaker system, but did create and enveloping sound scape which did bring you into what you were watching. That may partially be down to the lay out of my living room, which has a number of curtains which reduce the amount of surfaces sound can be bounced off. Sound doesn’t bounce off soft furnishing or windows that well compared to walls, and it’s worth noting for all similar soundbars if you’re exploring such an option. One other factor to consider is the size of your living room. This will work excellently with your average size living room, but starts to lose its potency in large rooms. I really enjoyed watching a variety of films and programmes. The star of the show was the subwoofer, which was well balanced and had good control over the sound. It’s musical performance though is best described as pleasant. Although you can improve the overall sound of music being streamed from your phone, by adjusting the direction of the sound beams, I found that some sounds in the music sometimes went ‘missing’ so I wouldn’t recommend trying it. Otherwise, whilst not as good as a dedicated pair of stereo speakers, if you simply want to play music, and not worry about the fidelity of it, then the YSP-2500 does a decent job playing music and doesn’t draw any attention to any shortcomings. Summary The Yamaha YSP-2500 is both attractive and well built. It has a great list of features, but part of me was wishing it also had built in streaming services such as Spotify/ Deezer / Google Play etc. It wasn’t a significant niggle, as I could still stream music from my phone, but would become an issue if I received calls etc. At £700, this isn’t a cheap option. I know plenty of people who wouldn’t spend that on their TV. What this is is an excellent option for people who want to enjoy their TV viewing by improving the audio experience, without cluttering up the living room with extra boxes and cables. At a push, I could probably buy a better sounding separates system for the same price, but it lacks the simplicity and elegance of the YSP-2500, and therefore it still makes an excellent choice.
  7. Well. Here's a video! It's currently selling for £100 on Amazon. If you don't have a good juicer yet, I'd highly recommend this, just don't believe Philips marketing about super easy cleaning system.
  8. Here's a press release from Yamaha: These should be available from approximately August/September. The RX-A550 will be £550, RX-A850 £900, RX-A1050 £1000, RX-A2050 £1500, RX-A3050 £2000.
  9. It's hard to know how Sony could improve on previous generations of RX cameras as they were already providing class leading photos. With that in mind, Sony has decided to focus on videography this time so that the new cameras' video skills match their photo skills. Here's Sony's press release about the new RX100 IV and RX10 II: It's also worth noting that Sony has improved on already one of the best cameras in the world by launching the new Alpha7R II. Here's their press release:
  10. The Yamaha YAS-105 hangs under your TV and connects via either optical , coaxial or 3.5mm jack inputs, as well as bluetooth. If you have your TV on a stand, then the Yamaha SRT-700 soundbase may be of interest. It sits directly under the TV and connects the same way. Both new products use Yamaha's latest AirSurround Xtreme technology to provide virtual surround sound without the need for calibration. If you do need to tinker, than Android and iOS apps are available. Both will be available shortly and the YAS-105 is £250 while the SRT-700 is £300. Both will offer a significant improvement in sound to almost any flat screen TV.
  11. Here's their press release: Here's a video if you'd like to see more
  12. The Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop is the size of a burger box, and contains an Intel Celeron processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage , has dual band 802.11ac Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI Socket, 3 USB (1 USB 3) sockets, ethernet socket, SD card reader and Windows 8.1! All in all, it's a pretty good package for most day to day usage and can be connected to any modern TV/ Monitor. Carry around a nice portable keypad and you've got mobile computing all for just £199.
  13. Here's their press release: We hope to actually see one soon, as we've yet to see an Ubuntu phone in the wild.
  14. Ford has been dipping it's toes in the car sharing world over the first few months of this year, and now it's ready to roll out the next stage of it's beta programme in London. It's called GoDrive. Here's the info: (by the way, there's some interesting news at the bottom ) Interested in a free ride? Sign up here and you'll get a £20 credit to get you going. And here's a video about how it all works