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  1. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Funny thing is, if they'd just put a touch-id button in the screen or on the back, then I would have bought an X even at that price.
  2. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    You can't pre-order the X until 27th October. I'm actually wondering if the reason why there's still availability of the 8/8 Plus is because of a surprisingly large demand for the X.
  3. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    In many ways I agree. The main reason I'm upgrading is that it's 'free' on the upgrade programme, so I may as well. I just don't think the X is worth being a beta tester and I want a better camera than the 8, which leads me to the 8 plus. But then it's size may leave me unhappy.... Part of me is considering to the S8 or Mate 10, but all the family is so embedded into the Apple ecosystem that the 'cost' of moving is too high for now.
  4. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Nicely sums up my fears of the iPhone X
  5. The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    An interesting article about the Belgian lower leagues
  6. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Amazes me you can still preorder an iPhone to collect on launch day.
  7. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    It was stuff like this which put me off. If you're going to blow a grand on a phone, you don't want to fee you've compromised .... (still time for me to change my mind.....)
  8. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Ordered a Silver 256GB 8 Plus.
  9. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I'm more concerned about how can you slighly unlock the phone when watching some rubbish on the telly with the family. 😃
  10. Last thing you purchased

    Quick question guys: I've got a 2015 13" Macbook Pro i7. I want to upgrade as it's a bit heavy to carry around and I can upgrade relatively cheaply at this moment. I could choose a top end 12" Macbook, 13" Macbook Pro, or a 13" MacBook Pro with Touch. All with i5, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. I don't really need the touch (as I don't edit much anything anymore). I'm no longer a power user. The daintiness of the Macbook and slightly smaller screen puts me off. I also l don't like the shortage of sockets. Same goes for the standard Pro. What do you guys think? (and buy a generic windows laptop isn't the answer! )
  11. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    A few follow on thoughts now some more information has come out, and we've had time to think about stuff... Apple Watch 3: First. WTF with the red dot on the crown? Is it on all new Watch's or just LTE ones. Are people willing to spend an extra £70 on the LTE version? How will people be charged? I presume you have to have a contract with EE already. Would all tariffs be eligible? What if you're on a virtual network running off EE? How would this work if you have an Android handset? Whilst the performance improvements are always welcome, is it worth upgrading for? As the LTE version has the same battery performance as the Watch 2, does the 3 (non-LTE) have better battery performance? iTunes: Both Windows and Mac versions receive an update which reorganises much of how it's organised, but it also removes two features: App store and Ringtones. So what happens to old apps which aren't available to download anymore, but are kept on your computer to now? I back up all the family's iStuff to my desktop, what happens to the backups? Are apps no longer stored in offline backups? It's fine that purchased ringtones can be downloaded via iTunes store app on your device, but what if you created the ringtone yourself? Can't they just make iTunes work without spinning out of control and becoming a resource hog and eventually crashing? Apple TV app: Sounds great. You can search for the programme you want rather than going through all your different apps, but what are the restrictions? For example, if you've got a UK Apple Account, can you access all this stuff when you're abroad? There's already lots of problems about Netflix when travelling, then there's BBC iPlayer.... no mention if that's compatible. iPhone range: So, there's now: iPhone SE 32GB and 128GB; iPhone 6s 32GB and 128GB; iPhone 6s Plus 32 GB and 128GB; iPhone 7 32 GB and 128GB; iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB and 128GB; iPhone 8 64GB and 256GB (no 128GB) ; iPhone 8 Plus 64GB and 256GB (no 128GB); iPhone X 64GB and 256GB WTF? How has this been allowed to happen? Pull the 6s and 6s Plus for a start.... Waterproof / Dustproof - No improvement with the new phones over the old ones. C'mon! Proper IP68 waterproofing isn't too much to ask when you're asked to cough up a grand. Speaking of coughing up a grand..... So I get that you get lots of new tech in the iPhone X, and a pretty new screen, but is it really worth £300 more? What really takes the pee is that while all the new iPhones can quick charge, you'd have to buy a separate new charger plus cable in order to take advantage of it, even for the X! £70 extra? Eff off. While I'm on the subject of charging... I applaud the use of a common standard, I'm confused. The AirPower charger can charge a new iPhone and Apple Watch 3. Does that mean that Watch 3 also uses Qi charging? If it does, does that mean it's not compatible with all the older charging docks, or are older Watch's Qi compatible? Whilst I'm annoyed about prices... Applecare+. They've shoved up the prices for the 8 Plus and made them even higher for the X. (I notice they don't drop the prices for the older phones..) iPad Pro. They've shoved the prices for the 256Gb and 512GB versions. That's pretty hard to stomach given they're the same devices. And then there's my confused thoughts about the new iPhones (sigh) OK. I own an iPhone 7, but always wanted the Plus because of it's better camera and battery life. The X seems like a no brainer, but I'm struggling. First, obviously there's the price, and the other bits I mentioned, but also one bit really annoys me about the new screen. Photos and films will always have a bit missing. If I've blown a grand on a phone, well, I don't want to compromise and think that's alright, I can live with it. My sense of entitlement kicks in. Let's presume Face ID works (although there have been mixed reviews from hands on and of course the keynote itself), other things bother me. I often make a sleepy grab for the phone in the mornings to turn off the alarm make a call etc. How will it work with my sleepy face buried in a pillow? People keep saying the new 'homebuttonless swipe thing works' but I'm never keen on swipe a bit to do this, a lot to do that solutions. Maybe I'm wrong and will love it. I don't know. I love the portrait modes and also the Animoji's on the X, but the price and the problems with the screen annoy me. And that's before I think about buying a wireless charger.... One more thing.... The name of the iPhone X. Why call it the 'Ten'? That's pretty much scuppered all future naming hasn't it? Enough for now... (breath)
  12. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    A quick summary of everything: A tearful dedication to Steve Jobs by Tim Cook Lots of stuff about Apple Park Talk about retail: Apple Store. The staff that make it wonderful. Stores are open to everyone and are meeting points etc. You know that Apple has a gender imbalance when they spend ages on their retail stores just to fit Angela Ahrendts in. Apple Watch: No1 Watch in the world. A video that says apple watches saves lives. Nice improvements to OS. New features including better monitoring of heart rate. New OS on September 19th. Watch 3 has built in mobile connection. Nice looking new sport loop straps. Faster and better wifi connection. $329 without cellular. $399 with (EE only in UK). Pre-order 15th September. Launch 22nd September Apple TV: 4K. HDR. Blah blah! All existing purchases upgraded to 4K free. Apple TV app launching in UK before end of the year. $179 . Same dates iPhone: iPhone 8 (not 7s). Glass backs. Space Grey, Silver. New Gold. True Tone display. Improved speakers. A11 Bionic processor. Much faster than A10. Improved photo processing. Improved camera sensor. Clever new portrait mode in 8 Plus. Pretty lame demo example of AR. Wireless charging. (Qi standard - compatible). Same dates. iOS 11 19th September. One more thing.... iPhone X - set the path for the next decade.. (biggest leap forward etc) . Two colours! Super Retina Display 5.8" 458 ppi. HDR, Truetone. Swipe up to open, multitask etc (looks poor in demo). Face ID - unlock with face. Lots of sensors working at once to unlock done with neural engine (hardware built in AI processing). Foolproof and privacy protected etc. Animoji - very cute animated emojis for messenger which copies the face movements. Face ID failed in demo! Improved camera (although not clear if better than 8 Plus) Portrait mode for selfies too. Improved battery performance ( vs iPhone 7 - not 7 Plus). Bigger/Faster Wireless charger (AirPower) - can charge all your wireless Apple stuff at same time. Launches next year. 64GB / 256GB. $999 for 64GB and Preorder October 27th for November 3rd Launch. Wrap up back to Steve Jobs...
  13. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    It's just started.
  14. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    So. To sum it up, lets play Apple Keynote Bingo! Here are my choices... Lots of exciting things Change the way we interact with technology Siri even better HomePod Apple TV - 4K Exciting exclusive TV programmes Apple Watch AirPods ARKit Update to iOS 11 iPhone 7s etc iPhone X 10 years Revolutionary