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  1. Depends on size, budget and priorities
  2. And that's life at Spurs. We'd better not sell any more players. I really don't understand how Levy keeps our wage cap so low. I think it's so far from the 'going rate' these days that we'll end up losing more players at some point.
  3. Excellent! The guy is so difficult to listen to though.
  4. And Spurs have signed.....
  5. I think Lukaku is much maligned. I've been after him at Spurs for a few years and would still happily see him there.
  6. How many times will the world record transfer be broken this summer? All prices quoted seem crazy. What happened?
  7. Everton seem to be making some good transfers, as do Chelsea. Man City seem to be offloading loads of players. I'm pretty sure there are some bargains amongst them for players who would have the right attitude at a new club.
  8. Ah! That makes sense. What do you use your buttons for?
  9. I'm being a bit thick. Why would I want one?
  10. LG have launched the G6 plus but have learnt nothing with their regional approach
  11. Poo. Harry Maguire has joined Leicester. I had hoped he'd become the back up at Spurs. I guess he didn't fancy that .
  12. Everton are doing well picking up Pickford and Klaasen.
  13. Puel's been sacked at Southampton. The board is pretty fierce, but normally get things right. I wonder who'll get the job.
  14. Preparation for the new iPhone?
  15. Lindelof is on his way to Utd