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  1. Last thing you purchased

    Hue lights mostly - but alto integrates with Tasker on my phone so I can set my phone to DND at night, dim screen, launch alarm clock etc
  2. Last thing you purchased

    so it's not reliant on your phone to carry out the actions when you click the button? Well that's how I assumed it worked!
  3. Last thing you purchased

    Got the buttons - so I thought I'd pre-order the Flic hub
  4. Sod it, I've backed it They've released watches in the past it seems - and the KS perks seem quite good too
  5. What retro phones do you still have?

    I managed to avoid the 'gimmicky phones' when I had my S60 obsession Lost count of the number of Nokias I had
  6. The Blackberry KEYone thread

    Mmmmmm - physical keys
  7. The Blackberry KEYone thread

    Still got my Priv too I think it has a weird screen ratio doesn't it - could cause issues? EDIT: Read the article - it does look nice!
  8. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    That was the counter-argument
  9. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    There is a constant rumour of the new top spec one costing $1,000 - I wonder if that comes with 16gb of storage?
  10. Last thing you purchased

    i think you have to change browser
  11. Last thing you purchased

    I run a Microserver too had have for many years now Think I'm the version before the G8 - wanted to run plex on it but just doesn't have enough grunt! Curious about the Xeon processor upgrade tho