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  1. Last thing you purchased

    No ordinary golf and with discounts and scrappage I got over £10k off.
  2. Last thing you purchased

    Yeah, the app is called carnet. I can remotely set the temperature of the car, set departure times for preheating. Must say, it was nice getting into a warm car this morning without having to de-ice it.
  3. Last thing you purchased

    Golf GTE Advance.
  4. Last thing you purchased

    Picked her up on Tuesday. Was supposed to collect it on Friday but the M62 was closed. Worth the wait in my opinion
  5. Last thing you purchased

    Ordered one of these last week. Should be ready in February but have asked the dealer to keep hold of it till March 1st so it's an 18 plate. Can't wait
  6. The Blackberry KEYone thread

    I'll stick with my Priv. Seems a bit underwhelming the KEYone
  7. A quick update

    Great to hear you're doing well Nick, good luck with the new venture Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. One Plan to End?

    Dropped you a pm Nick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. One Plan to End?

    Keep at it, you'll eventually get the deal you want. Took me a full 35 mins on the phone and me repeating pac code pac code pac code pac code pac code did they relent and put me through to a manager
  10. One Plan to End?

    I hope im off the radar Nik. But it wouldnt surprise me if i get a letter from three by the time im back home tomorrow. Shame really. Not had one issue with three and considering their whole when stuff sucks campaign it kind of makes a mockery of what they're doing considering they're tryi g to position themselves as not just any other network.Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk