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  1. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    While running a website for Mobile tech news and gossip!
  2. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Nah, an awful lot are absolutely made up with the money we've got for him. Many even actually disliked him. I appreciated him being the best goalscorer I've seen play for us in my lifetime. But he's also pretty bad at football. I'll be surprised if he doesn't score more than any Chelsea player this coming season, existing or yet to be signed. But at the same time, even if he gets leading score for the next 5 years, they'll still be united fans who dislike him. Because he's an absolute footballing enigma. Still young though, so he may end up as good as anyone.
  3. Last thing you purchased

    Good stuff! Now to choose the car seat!
  4. Last thing you purchased

    My Touran was 5 seater. If you're happy to look at used, the 5 seaters can be had for less than 7 if you can track one down. Edit: I had the Touran a few years a go, so dont hold me to them STILL making a 5 seat version! Edit 2: I think I miss read your post. I *think* the boot size difference between 5 and 7 seat version is only in height. So if the boot depth wasnt enough for you, then an estate is the only real option I think!
  5. Last thing you purchased

  6. Last thing you purchased

    The thing with some of these bigger cars posted is a lot of the 'biggerness' is wasted nose space. You've got say a Touran which is not actually massively bigger overall to your golf, but is ginormous inside, because the nose is so short and the back is completely flat. I loved the Touran when I had one, as did my Mrs. Mazda should never have stopped making the Mazda 5 it was an excellent large/medium family moving mobile. And congrats!
  7. M&G Fantasy Football League!

  8. Just wait till your PTS becomes useless.
  9. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    What sort of screen on time is 2-3 charges based on Rvn?
  10. The Premier League Thread

    Weird, I've not really noticed Utd being particularly worse than anyone else this season with diving? I do remember earlier in the season Spurs frustrating teams with with going down easily (not all out diving) and lots of petty little fouls, killing any momentum the opposition may have built. It was pretty effective actually.
  11. Getting a new boiler, buying Nest

    Controlling individual radiators is great, particularly if there's generally only 2 or 3 people in your house.
  12. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Thread

    Are them leaked pics of the rear still assumed to be correct? With the camera and fingerprint sensor right next to each other? "WHY WONT IT UNLOCK?", "WHY ARE MY PHOTOS BLURRY?"
  13. Not colour screen, but better contrast and no manufacturer warranty or parts, but the pebble 2 could still be an option if you're fully aware of the limits. They've said the servers will be up til 2018, and there's already user created alternatives to some of the services. I wouldn't rule it out just because pebble are dead, but you'd definitely need to know what you're buying in to before you do. Another thing to think about is if fitbit use any of the pebble tech to bring out a new watch in the next couple years.
  14. Getting a new boiler, buying Nest

    Yeah, mine wasnt marked up at all! There were more wires terminating on the plate than I was expecting and a chocolate block connector thrown in there that I could only just about fit in the space. Luckily I was just refitting the wires in the same place on a new back plate, so I managed it!