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  1. The Premier League Thread

    Barcelona in 2 weeks...
  2. The Premier League Thread

    Well that could be the end of Big Tone. Shambolic performance tonight. We've now lost against Bournemouth and Watford, two of the worst teams in the Premier League. Something is seriously wrong at the club. AGAIN! Oh and Bakayoko is an awful player, absolutely useless.
  3. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Apparently a loan might be considered. Emerson has signed though, 23, left back, 4.5 year deal. Hope he's better than some of the other defenders we've signed recently - Baba Rahman... awful (and now on loan at Schalke). Jury is still out on Rudiger. At least Christensen is doing alright.
  4. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    I've never wanted a player to get injured but since we're apparently sniffing around Giroud I'll make an exception and hope he spends the next month in the Arsenal treatment room, scuppering any chance of a deal. He's just a legless Morata - we can do better than that. Even if we don't sign anyone!
  5. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Totally! I would have been so embarrassed if we'd signed that donkey! We seem to be struggling to sign anybody right now. Even Crouch has been suggested. Grim times.
  6. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Sturridge goes on loan to WBA for 6 months - I wonder if they bothered with the expense of a medical? I bet he isn't fit for more than half of the 14 remaining games - I reckon he's now in the last chance saloon.
  7. The hardware spec looks rather good, and for £99 even more so. However the physical appearance is absolutely hideous and not something I'd want to be seen dead with, which may explain the fire-sale pricing.
  8. FA Cup 17/18

    They're not happy! Hahahahahaha.
  9. The Premier League Thread

    Harry Kanes trophy cabinet if he stays at Tottenham: Hehe.
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Belated Merry Christmas to one & all. My Christmas was rubbish with a perfectly timed dose of Man Flu, which I'm still trying to get over!
  11. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Can't find the article now, might have been on the BBC, but it basically quoted a mobile industry executive saying that waterproofing doesn't break into the top #10 of customer requested features while increased battery life is the #1 requested improvement. So what do we get from literally every phone manufacturer in the last year or so? Yep you guessed it, nothing that we the consumer want (if anything, reduced battery lifetime), and instead features that almost nobody cares about. Can't blame the manufacturers though, we still buy what they're selling in increasing numbers so we only have ourselves to blame.
  12. The Premier League Thread

    Poor old Lukarthorse - Jose explains his lack of form is due to him not having any boot deal. LOL. Mind you, boot deals don't always help - just ask Fellaini:
  13. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    Looks like Solanke is struggling to get a game at Liverpool and might be shipped out on loan, with Swansea a possibility from what I've heard. Funny that, as he joined Liverpool thinking he was ready for the big time, but can't even make it there. I guess it goes to show that in the case of Solanke it was never the Chelsea youth policy that failed, it was Solanke and his advisors that failed. I'm sure he'll still make it, but he's not ready yet, which is what Chelsea knew all along.
  14. The Premier League Thread

    So is it "Spurs in Crisis?" Winning the "2nd bestest team" crown for 2 years running must be weighing heavily on Poch's shoulders. Maybe he's taken them as far as he can and needs to move on? Who would you get? Allardyce is a nailed on cert for Everton so you've missed out on him. LOL. I reckon Marco Silva would be a decent replacement (in all seriousness).
  15. The Premier League Thread

    Arsenal vs. Spurs is like...