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  1. Tottenham transfer news! Kyle Walker sold to Man Citeh for £50m (including addons). Walker might even be good enough to get a game at Citeh - compared with Sagna and Zabaletta he should improve their back 4.
  2. Drop your new Samsung TV so that it is back in spec... Top notch build quality from Samsung when it can't even survive shipping...
  3. No idea, Emanello always had a thing for him. Yet I've never met a Chelsea fan who rated him. In fact, other than Toffees (who hyped him up) and now Mancs (who bought the hype) I can't recall anyone ever raving about him. Because: A) what United have paid is, once again, an obscene amount of money that is not good for football in general B) I'm just so very glad it wasn't us! Righto. And they did that because they're a charity? Money transferred from United to Juve to Mino Raiola's pocket is technically "paid by Juve" but come on...!
  4. No, Lukaku really isn't rated by any of the fans I know - it's not about losing out and feeling hurt, we really are very pleased (relieved) that you bought him! "Big lump" is the best thing to say about Lukaku. Emile Hesky and Christian Benteke come to mind, and while I'll admit he's a better than both of them he's not £100m better. £100m for Lukaku is utter nonsense, but that's what you're paying for him. £100m - let that sink in. Maybe we'll all be wrong, and he'll be the next Drogba - time will tell. But one thing is for sure, at least he won't be as bad as Pogba! And Taggart... he baulked at paying £34m for Hazzard with £6m to the agent - peanuts compared to what you're now paying for Poor Pogba and Lucarthorse. Many PL clubs could buy an entire squad for the agent fees you're now lavishing on those two players! We refused because we're not mugs. Or desperate. Which is it with United, or is a bit of both?
  5. I liked your video! All Chelsea fans I know are glad you signed Lukaku...thanks for saving us £100m as that's what United will be paying - and maybe more - once the obscene agent fees are taken into consideration (fees Chelsea refused to pay as we're not desperate/stupid...)
  6. Depends on what papers you read.
  7. Yes, thank God - it's pretty much all down to Emanelo now, although hopefully Big Toni has a very large say too...
  8. Levy with his last minute "bargain" buys as usual?
  9. Morata and Llorente is the rumour, but I also think Batman deserves more of a go.
  10. Chelsea have completed the signing of Germany international centre-back Antonio Rudiger for £34m. And some bloke called Rooney has joined Everton on a free, for 2 years. LOL. Still, good business by United considering he had 2 years left on his United contract, and that's regardless of him being a makeweight in the Lukaku deal.
  11. Extra TV money. All the clubs (both in the PL and on the continent) know that the English clubs have money to burn, and some clubs (mostly from oop North, and Arsenal) are now more willing/desperate to buy success than others. At least Poor Pogba might have that millstone lifted from his neck soon enough. Although I suspect the Lukaku to United rumour/leak is just a ploy to get Chelsea to pay more - hopefully we just walk away as the lump isn't worth that kind of money.
  12. I'd be surprised if Lukaku wants to work with Jose again (but maybe now he's an established player things will be different). And I doubt any PL club will show real interest in Rooney unless he's available on a free and for a fraction of his current wages.
  13. £70m for Real bench warmer. RM are having a laugh.
  14. Yes, it's been an ongoing saga for the last 12 months. He stalled on signing a new contract, refused to go out on loan, then allowed his contract to expire and has now signed for Liverpool (compensation fee to be determined by a tribunal). He's a very, very good player, and would have made the Chelsea first team I'm sure if he'd been a little more patient but has had his head turned - I say he slipped away (and we shouldn't have allowed it to happen) but it's clear he was being made promises elsewhere. The problem with a system like ours is that we're not guaranteeing youngsters first team football and those that are clearly going to make it become easy to pick off with the promise of playing time in lesser teams. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Liverpool are now banned from future transfers - first the Stoke Academy player last season (Liverpool found guilty, banned for 2 years from signing Academy players with one year suspended) then Van Dijk and now - almost certainly, given the evidence - Solanke. No more apologies.
  15. Liverpool in another tapping up row, now with Chelsea over Dom Solanke. Doubt a grovelling apology will suffice this time.