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  1. Milhouse

    Mobile World Congress


    Oh I dunno. The hardware may not have been anything special (it wasn't anything bad either, pretty good actually for low-to-mid-range gear) but delivering "pure Android" and guaranteeing software updates for 2 years (including the possibility of monthly security updates) is offering something different to the status quo (ie. bloated Android or half-arsed loaders, and very irregular - possibly even no - updates)? If Nokia (or do we call them HMD, I'm so confused!) are able to deliver on their promise (and as we are aware, manufacturers being able to deliver frequent and timely software updates is not made any easier by the networks) then they're close to being the new Nexus (RIP). However I suspect it might be a promise they struggle to keep, mainly because of the networks. I wish them luck though, because I'd happily forgo the very latest whizz-bang hardware for guaranteed software updates (though hopefully, eventually, Nokia can deliver both!)
  2. Milhouse

    Mobile World Congress


    Nokia 3310 to be re-launched at MWC 2017
  3. Milhouse

    Mobile World Congress


    Jolla will be there and are teasing some exciting announcements - my guess is a new partnership deal with a North Korean mobile phone manufacturer.
  4. Warning: Intel ARMs in future Apple kit speculation.
  5. Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Gear (pictures + video) over at The Verge. Looks better than the original picture, rather plain but fairly "watch-like". Certainly kicks the Pebbles arse in terms of looks, but then it would have been hard not to! $299 when it launches in the US in early October. Specs are lower than what has been predicted so far: 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display 320 x 320 resolution Single-core 800MHz Exynos process