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  1. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Not even noticed it really, it doesn’t get in the way at all. Now looking for a case as close to the official Apple silicone one I have but slimmer. carl
  2. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Rob, Word perfect exactly the same here too. Restoring as I type. Had one last week in the basket and decided not too, then giffgaff had stock and when I was on the web page they were out of stock but after a few clicks to refresh they had stock so I hit the buy button. It feels fantastic in hand and as you say with the swipe gestures they are feeling natural even this soon. The Face ID has worked perfect too so far indoors. Another 256gb Space Grey here too. I now have my month old iPhone 8 Space Grey 256gb to sell on to fund the X Carl
  3. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Nice chunk of cash heading your way then
  4. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    I had a 256gb Space Grey X in my basket for delivery on the 3rd and about to pay but cancelled last second. I have a 256gb Space Grey 8 and that is perfectly fine and so I think I will see how the Face ID works out then decide.
  5. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Biggest mistake Samsung made with the finger print scanner in its position at the back. On the back is not a huge deal but where they put it was a massive pain. I sold my S8 for that reason and i did not like the edge screen. What a stupid gimmick as it has no function other than looking cool. I went back to an iPhone and now got mt iPhone 8 today. Sorry my little gripe about the S8
  6. 'Smart' Televisions

    There are micro usb too Ethernet cabkkes available, some with extra usb ports too. Same trick a few people did with the Nexus player. Job done for the Mi box. Carl
  7. What's going on at Samsung

    Thanks Rob, always a true and honest reply from you. iMessage would be a big problem as like you said all my family have an iPhone. I like the music app to on the iPhone too. Last android I had was poor for BT to my hands free and would never connect my phone book or call history etc. The S7 is the best Android phone available as well as the new Pixel, so a choice to make. Cheers Rob
  8. What's going on at Samsung

    As I now need to wear glasses for some readin etc ( late 40's ) I am toying over moving to an S7 from my iPhone SE. A big phone compared to my SE but have used an iPhone 6 without an issue. I know some say there is no issues switching over from Apple to the S7 but really from those that have is there really nothing you miss? Carl
  9. What's going on at Samsung

    Jon, they look fake with the Huawei logo dropped on. They do look nice though
  10. BT really are taking the piss

    Cheers All, Good point Rob about giving it a go. It does seem reliable at the moment. I have just had the free increase and now getting 47mb DL and I think it was about 9 or 10 mb upload. Pretty pleased with that. As I am in a bungalow I have the chance to move my hub to an almost central position so getting maximum wifi. I do have a decent oldish TPlink router, but would suspect that the BT hub is better all round as its newer. Carl.
  11. BT really are taking the piss

    I'm now with BT and can anyone recommend a good router to use instead of the supplied one? Not sure I would benefit as I have most things wired. Handy living in a bungalow Carl.
  12. BT really are taking the piss

    I had the most appalling service from EE and told them to stick it. So glad to leave them. I spent 3 1/2 months with no phone or internet when I moved house. Even after I got it working they then chose to continue charging me full price when I was told I would get 3 months free. They also charged me while I had no phone or internet. Promise after promise and appalled when each time I called I had to explain it all over again. EE arranged 7 Openreach visits and all were wrong. I even had to change my landline number as EE cocked up on the last time and if I didn't take the new number it would of been another wasted appointment. I also lost 3 days off work waiting and trying to sort out. Carl.
  13. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    My wife is one of the above.
  14. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Cloud storage is the trick. One Drive Icloud Google Music Google Photos etc etc.
  15. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Had my 64gb Space Grey SE a couple of days after launch and it is great having a pocket friendly one hand use phone. I actually went from a 5S from launch to a launch day 6 which I sold one month after and got another 5S. Son wanted a new phone so he had my 5S and I had another 6. I even got a 6S and sold it as it was a waste of money over a 6. As I use a 5C for work I could do things quicker on the 5C as its all one handed. So the SE was my dream phone, and so I got the wife one and me too. It is powered by Kryptonite too