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  1. BT Mobile Launch Imminent

    Last time I went sim only way with voda it tooks them week to activate my sim...just in time for my cancellation request however I'm tempted again just to use 20GB deal as a mobile broadband sim and save £10 on my spotify subscription.
  2. BT Mobile Launch Imminent

    You can have now 20GB SIM only deal from vodafone at £30 pm and that inc Spotify + tethering which probably represents better value.
  3. News: Microsoft Smartwatch Imminent

    First impression on Verge
  4. The iPhone 6 Thread

    39% Phone usage? Are you actually using your iPhone for phone calls? ... That's sooo last year
  5. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Here's my 6+ today usage. Nowhere near Dave's results I think low cell signal at work and lots of Safari may have an impact on the battery performance.
  6. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Not the best week for iPhone 6/+ owners. First Bentgate ..24hrs later Apple decided to kill the mobile reception in our phones. I think they just get to excited about the size forgetting the rest... Just like my gf
  7. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Some reports about 8.0.1 killing cell service and touch ID on 6 and 6+
  8. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Maybe ... You are holding it wrong??
  9. The iPhone 6 Thread

    I've just noticed that Apple's own app Apple Store scales up the UI.
  10. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Whatsapp UI looks massive on 6+ screen
  11. The iPhone 6 Thread

    I agree, It is slippy a bit, but dressed in Apple leather case the grip is just perfect with all rounded corners. Apart of the size, which is samsung'ish, there's nothing I can see in common between build/design/quality of 6 plus and any of samsung handsets I owned (S2, S4, Note 3) in the past.
  12. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Oops not any more i got the last one then
  13. The iPhone 6 Thread

    64GB Silver plus reserved for collection Friday More and some other spec to grab from Stratford City store.
  14. The iPhone 6 Thread

    Do we know what time the pre-orders starts?
  15. The iPhone 6 Thread

    You will need to get use to but once mastered .... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk