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  1. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Shame on Apple for still bundling an obsolete 5W charger with any phone, never mind those that cost £1000! There is unsurprisingly a significant difference with the 30W charger I use with lightning cable. The two coil wireless charger I used with my Nexus 5 isn't bad either.
  2. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Ok I'll have to monitor the WiFi calling. The easy solution is to turn it off as cellular calling is fine. Otherwise I'm glad I upgraded now - the lack of a home button is a distant memory! Swiping is so intuitive.
  3. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Hal have you had any problems with people hearing you during calls - especially WiFi calls?
  4. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    The connectivity settings on IOS11 are a bit of a pain though. Apple, when I want WiFi or Bluetooth off via a toggle, I'm not interested in airdrop etc! I know I want it off not actually on (even though you say it's disconnected until tomorrow) in the background! Force touch on the shortcut grid to kill WiFi etc instead of going old school via settings would be a nice improvement.
  5. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Is it just me or are new phones underwhelming? On impulse I've had the X and 8 plus reserved but on second thoughts I'm very happy with my 6S and can't see any reason to change it! A bigger, better screen and battery would be nice as would wireless charging and IP67/68 rating, but after playing with both new iPhones the real world improvement to my eyes is marginal. If anything, it's a testament to how good 2-3 year old flagships still are and marginal progress since then. Now if there was a dual SIM iPhone....
  6. The Premier League Thread

    Never mind Tony Martial scores again. Lukaku could do with not starting.
  7. The Football Transfer Rumours Thread

    From the King's Road via Anfield to Swansea. At least the location is improving again [emoji3] Villas-Boas has left his Shanghai club for a break from football.
  8. The Premier League Thread

    It's back to the "lads it's Tottenham" days eh? [emoji3] I'm sure Poch will sort it out soon, although the sooner you get Wanyama and Toby back the better.
  9. The Premier League Thread

    It's not improving! [emoji3]
  10. Android apps track you

    ".....researchers, from Yale University's Privacy Lab and the French nonprofit organization Exodus Privacy, couldn't get permission to analyze iOS apps." I bet it's rife regardless of the platform.
  11. The Premier League Thread

    Nice officiating for the 2 goals in the London derby. Good to see some of our injured players back and a confident performance.
  12. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Why does going to an Apple store have to be such a tasteless experience? Chav city!
  13. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    What about where the screen is missing at the top? Does that not interfere with using the device?
  14. The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    Yes he's a bit reactive. There were other witnesses at The Bridge, including Phelan who is apparently the source of the race allegation. No doubt he'll receive a lengthy ban plus fine and retire at the end of the season.
  15. The Random Bits of Football Chit Chat Thread

    Are you referring to what happened at Stamford Bridge?