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  1. This is what I would buy (if the wife would let me). Price has dropped since last year and it's a stunning picture
  2. It's like LG all over again lol
  3. Having had a Fitbit for a couple of months and seeing what a joke the company are, you can see exactly where the Pebble watches are going. They can't manage their own products properly so why take over someone else's?
  4. Sony Ericsson P800 had a 4 way jog wheel at the side. I loved using it but they made it 2 way from the P900 onwards as they jept jamming up with fluff from people's pockets.
  5. Agreed. So many other reasons there why Nokia went out of business though .....
  6. The original Galaxy S had a cracking Wolfson DAC in it .... and they didn't even advertise it as a feature. Needless to say that got binned in the S2 to cut costs but I still know a couple of guys who use the Galaxy S with the Supercurio audio driver as a top end music player. I'm currently using the Nokia N95-2 with a Creative E3 Bluetooth DAC & B&O H3 play headphones and the sound quality is immense.
  7. They're going the same way as Nokia. Releasing incomplete handsets to keep to a schedule. Mind you, Nokia used to release them both late and incomplete.
  8. So all those TV ads about Samsung's stringent quality checks were obviously BS then .....
  9. Maybe that's to hook people in to something that's impossible to make at that price point.
  10. Maybe if it's in the shops etc. but I'm giving Kickstarter a wide berth. I know it started with the best of intentions but it's a scammer's paradise these days.
  11. I'm sure there is no button. It's more the fact that Samsung need to waste time developing a voice assistant so late in the game when there are many alternatives already. They're very late to the party but seem to think there's an actual need for this. For years people have asked Samsung for a dedicated camera button which has been ignored but all of a sudden they've managed to find a button for this?
  12. And the first thing most people will do is disable the virtual assistant. It might be popular in Korea which is driving their decision to embed it so heavily .... and of course they have to copy Apple which I guess is the real driver behind it. Samsung are so out of touch. The S8 plus is such a deliberate Apple copycat job it's embarrassing. It is also going to be very difficult to hold and the screen resolution is just weird.
  13. I really despair with Samsung sometimes .....
  14. I had been a huge advocate of Honor as the 7 is (was) a great device. Once I found out it couldn't be upgraded to Android 7 because if some weird GPU quirk that greatly disappointed me as it was around a year and a half old. Maybe things like that are the difference between the Samsung and Honors of this world. As above I don't mind dropping £250 on a budget handset from these guys but it seems there are drawbacks and they're not reliable enough to spend big money on yet. Honor also seem to be whacking up thier prices considerably too. Just like Kia & Hyundai did with their cars once the brand was established.
  15. Had a play with the S8 plus in CPW earlier today. It's far far too long and unless you have ten inch fingers the scanner is totally inaccessible. Personally I didn't like it at all. The S7e is an almost perfect handset but the replacement is just weird.