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  1. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    So has anyone pre-ordered the X yet? From reading Twitter and various blogs it doesn't seem to be too popular at the moment.
  2. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    So what's everyone's thoughts on the "X" then? The looks are good, wireless charging is a plus (although late to the party), the face recognition is gimmicky (and results in the loss of the home button) and I'll leave the animated emoji stuff for the nine year olds to discuss. Taking off my "I hate Apple with a passion" hat and trying to be objective there's nothing too appealing apart from the looks, and they don't justify the price. The S8 is a better specced handset for far less money.
  3. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Apparently the LTE watch doesn't roam either. Seems kinds pointless. I do like the look of the iphone X but the prices as usual are way over the top. Apart from the 3D face scanner thingie it has nothing not available on Android devices for some time now.
  4. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Cheers for that. Shocked that it's Qi charging and not some expensive proprietary Apple charging pad.
  5. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Current one is £600 so that's a fair hike.
  6. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    So, what's the latest then? I've been out cutting the grass and harvesting the rhubarb before this almighty storm later tonight
  7. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    What time is the announcement? I have about as much interest in an Apple Keynote as I do in watching Scotland play football. Life ain't fun any more.
  8. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    15. Best iPhone ever.....
  9. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    You never know. This time Apple may pull something completely new and exciting out of the bag (but I'm not holding my breath). They seem to want to play it completely safe these days to keep investors quiet. Sad.
  10. The What's Going on at Apple Thread

    Oh dear.
  11. Looks quite good in the flesh, however LG are famous for poor build quality and bootlooping software. My upgrade is due at the end of December so it will be plenty time to compare this with the Note 8.
  12. News: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    They will both be excellent devices if a tad overpriced. I'm not convinced it's all about Brexit and currency though .... there is an element of greed. CPW are a poor show nowadays. Integration in to Dixons hasn't done them any favours and they are quite limited in what they offer nowadays. I feel they could get a better turnover if they were more keenly priced on sim free handsets, but one of my mates works there and tells me they keep sim free prices high to "force" people on to contracts. To be fair all it does is force people to Amazon, Expansys etc. and they miss out on the money.
  13. News: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    Super, amazing, incredible, wonderful, unbelievable, beautiful, best iphone ever iphone 8. FTFY
  14. News: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    Still on Note 4 which is fantastic. Note 8 price far too expensive. Don't like curved screen or stretched screen resolution. Suspect the battery may not be big enough to cope with the screen. So it's a no from me at the moment. They only have the black variant on the UK store which wouldn't be my ideal choice of colour. Regarding the price ....... In 2010 the top of the range handsets were around £400 (iphone 4 & Galaxy S) and an average contract was £25 - £28 pm In 2017 the equivalent handsets are £850 and contracts are £50 - £55 pm So the cost has effectively doubled in 7 years however if you use an inflation calculator the £400 should now be around £480.
  15. The LG V30 thread

    I've been tentatively looking for something to replace the Note 4 but nothing has caught my eye yet. Apart from slightly better cameras there's nothing new on the table at all. LG phones can suffer from bootloops and poor build quality, not to mention the horrendous UK customer support. I don't like the edge display or this new "stretched" screens. What's wrong with 16:9 and why change it? Samsung pricing has gone even more stupid than before so they're definitely out. Guess I'll keep looking then .......