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  1. Unfortunately a lot of people (including me, if I'm honest) are going to buy from a "big" brand when you're talking £500. At £300ish they might give the budget makers a go...
  2. As I said, both working fine in this thread, but I was seeing the viglink page in your thread.
  3. Weird that one works properly. As does the original one now it's posted here.
  4. Test another Amazon link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00L3KSRTW/ original link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B017I9CBPC/
  5. I'm seeing at as well, and it's doing it to a link I posted as well.
  6. Im also seeing the Viglink redirect. see if this works https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B017I9CBPC/
  7. Awkward looking phone, but probably the best early phone on Three. Came out just after the NEC 616 iirc.
  8. Yep, it's one of the unforgettable things of the WM days
  9. When I had the shops I was getting a new phone every month (where's the embarrassed smiley?) nowadays it's probably only every year or so, though I have bought 3 phones in the last year...
  10. The T610's and T630's broke before they got old enough to end up in the drawer. I even had a limited edition red T610... Though there should still be a K750, w810i, T28 and T39 around somewhere...
  11. I had at least 2, the green and bronze, must have sold them or binned them in a previous clean out. also missing a boxful of 6630, 6680, n80, e66 n95, n95-8gb, n96, all the qwerty models e70 e71? Etc, Sold those after using them for a short while, 9000i, 9500 and e90 from memory. I never really took to them so they were just quick money ;).
  12. Just a pity they couldn't squeeze a 3G radio chip in...
  13. I took this snap about 2 weeks ago while clearing out the bottom drawer of my work bench at home...
  14. It tells you on the screen... For wifi calling the network shows as EE WifiCall and when you dial out on VoLTE the network stays as 4G and doesn't CSFB to 2G or 3G.
  15. Every time I start to think android is a good option something happens... The dogs breakfast that is wifi calling and volte on Android is just ridiculous, I've been trying to sort it out on an S7 this week with BTU Nougat firmware. The phone is currently being used with an EE contract sim, and at first neither wifi Calling nor Volte would work, after 2 days of headaches I got a suggestion to use Odin and flash the Home_CSC file again (of the same BTU firmware in the phone), and miraculously wifi calling is now working but still no volte. The sim is provisioned correctly as inserting it in an iPhone gives wificalling and volte instantly (and they wonder why iPhones are still popular...) problem is, we're shortly changing over to 3 on this phone, and even though I've been told both wificalling and volte should work on a BTU S7 on 3UK neither do. Short of flashing the 3 branded firmware onto the phone, how can this be solved? and don't say "buy an iPhone" , for various reasons it needs to be made to work on this phone.