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Insider Preview build 17115

    Microsoft have released the fourth "release" build from the Redstone 4 branch of Windows 10. Read on to see what is new in this build, and more importantly, whether the numerous issues introdoced in buikd 17112 have been resolved.

The good news is YES, Microsoft have fixed all the issues that existed in build 17112; so the short version of the rest of this article is ... "go ahead and install this build".

Te ever-so-slightly longer version goes thus:
There are no new features in theis build, which isn't a surprise as this is a build from the Redstone 4 "release" branch, meaning the focus is on fixing issues ahead of the Redstone 4 public release, rather than adding in new features.

What's different though is that the Mixed Reality, Store & OneDrive major bugs from the last insider preview, are all now resolved, meaning we're getting closer to a final release build... which is just as well, as using Microsoft's 6 month rule as a guide, means we should be seeing a public build coming out this month (i.e. March).

Full release notes are here.

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