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  1. Hands on: Galaxy S8 vs. V30

    Having told everyone that the LG V30 is the best phone available at the moment, I thought I should finally put my money where my mouth is and do a full hands-on head to head comparison.

  2. FIGHT: OnePlus 5T

    With the announcement today of the OnePlus 5T, I decided to include it in the latest of our FIGHT: series of comparisons. So, without further ado, I give you the OnePlus 5T pitted against our three previous winners, the Sony ZX Premium, LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  3. FIGHT: Flagship phones 2017 (part 2)

    In the fifth of our comparison articles, I've decided to compare the various flagship phones from all the major manufacturers. In this, part 2 of that fight, we have Mi, HTC, Sony & Huawei. The winner is quite interesting, (as is the outright looser), so read on to find out what the numbers tell us...

  4. FIGHT: Flagship phones 2017 (part 1)

    In the fifth of our comparison articles, I've decided to compare the various flagship phones from all the major manufacturers. In this, part 1 of that fight, we have Google, Apple, LG & Samsung. The winner is quite interesting, (as is the outright looser), so read on to find out what the numbers tell us...

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  5. FIGHT: V30 vs Note 8

    The third in our series of phone head to heads puts the newly announced LG V30 up against the only-recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Here's how they stack up

  6. FIGHT: LG vs Samsung (take 2)

    Picking up from a comparison we did previously (when  the LG G6 and Samsung S8 / S8+ were launched; it has now been updated to include the new LG V30... the results are quite interesting :)

  7. LG G6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 head to head

    They're the most important phones of the year so far, so lets have a head to head battle to see which one comes out on top.

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  8. Has LG missed a trick?

    Just before MWC 2017, Samsung told us that they wouldn't be launching their flagship Galaxy S8 at the trade event, instead they'd be releasing it "some time soon". This should have been everything LG needed to steal a large chunk of important market share from their arch rivals. Unfortunately, it looks like they missed a trick; here's why...

  9. Using Windows "Storage Spaces" to make a home NAS - Part 1

    After the repeated failure of my QNAP NAS, I decided the time had come to start experimenting on how to build my own. In this, the first part of a series of articles, I'll go through hardware choice and show you how to get Windows installed and running FROM an SD card (something Microsoft say you can't do).

  10. Yamaha YSP-2500 Soundbar Review

    TVs are getting thinner and thinner, and yet sound still has to come from somewhere. This means built in speakers are often disappointing and helps explain why soundbar speakers are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they living room / partner friendly, but also can add a great depth of sound to match the big pictures on modern televisions.

    Yamaha was one of the pioneers in this field, and have a fine pedigree, so what is the YSP-2500 sound projector like?

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  11. Philips HR1868 Juicer Review

    For those who don't know, I love juicing. I have at least one large homemade fruit and vegetable juice every day. I was naturally excited to be able to review Philips latest generation of juicer. So what is it like?


  12. My Thoughts and Experiences Using the Apple Watch

    I've had an Apple Watch Sport and Steel with Milanese Loop for two weeks now, and rather than write a review (there's hundreds out there), I thought I'd share my thoughts and experiences. Obviously, this is a very personal take on things and I'll declare now that, just as with tablets, I'm a smartwatch sceptic. I've owned two Sony Smartwatchs and a Pebble, but like everyone else, my interest was peaked once again by Apple's hype machine. So, what do I think?


  13. Optoma NuForce NE750M Earphones Review

    Optoma bought American HiFi company NuForce about 6 months ago, and they're looking to make an impact in the UK. They recently released two earphones, the NuForce NE750M and NE800m. I've been using the NE750M's for the last couple of weeks, so what are they like?


  14. Optoma GT1080 Projector Review

    Home cinema projectors are great as they can give you really big images and truly make your home like a cinema, but one of the key issues is that you also need lots of space to create the image, and that rules out such a set up for most people’s living rooms.

    We’ve spent some time with Optoma’s GT1080 short throw projector, which reduces the amount of space needed and is being aimed at gamers. So what is it like?


  15. NuForce uDAC 3 Review

    Projector specialist Optoma recently bought the US audio company NuForce and is now bringing it's range of products to the UK. We've spent some time with their diminutive portable DAC (digital analogue convertor), so what is it like?

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  16. Philips Spotify Connects Speakers Review

    As we noted during our coverage of IFA, in Berlin last year, Spotify Connect Speakers are starting to become a big thing. We've spent some significant time with the Philips SW700M (£90) and SW750M (£130) speakers, so what are they like?


  17. TP-Link Archer D7 Modem Review

    TP-Link is making more and more of a name for itself amongst enthusiasts for it’s networking devices, with a steady following for it’s powerline and router products. The Archer D7 is a bold step. Retailing at £130, it offers dual band 802.11 a/g/n/ac WiFi and a built in modem. So what is it like?


  18. Sony SmartWatch 3 Review

    Android wear has been about for a while, and we are now on second generation watches, but should you go out and buy one?

    We take a look at the Sony Smartwatch 3, Sony's first foray into Android wear. At IFA 2014 it was slated as being boring, but can it give those fancy round watches a run for their money? And more importantly, is it worth upgrading from Sony's previous watch, the SW2 which is still availalble, for a lot less money

  19. Yamaha A-S201 Stereo Amplifier Review

    Stereo amplifiers may not be in fashion like they once were thanks to the abundance of AV amplifiers, but they’re still vitally important for people more interested in HiFi music, rather than surround sound and picture scaling.

    The A-S201 is Yamaha’s entry level stereo amplifier, and cuts quite a dash, but what is it like?


  20. Logitech +drive & +trip Review

    Logitech has released the +drive and +trip mobile phone car mounts. So what are they like?


  21. Philips Release Laser Guided Beard Trimmer

    Philips have quite a pedigree in shavers and beard trimmers, but I was more than sceptical about their latest innovation in the BT9280 which is the World's first laser guided beard trimmer. So what is it like?

  22. Pure Rob Ryan Edition of Evoke D2 Radio

    Pure have been working with designer Rob Ryan to make an exclusive seasonal version of the classic Evoke D2. This model will be exclusive to John Lewis stores and Rob Ryan's London store. So what is it like?


  23. Lumia 830 review

    The Nokia Microsoft Lumia 830 is a 5.0 inch screen Windows phone 8.1 handset aimed squarely at the middle of the Windows phone market. It is one of the increasingly common not-quite-flagship-but-ultimately-capable Lumia handsets which comes in at a quite reasonable SIM free price of just under £300 (£279 PAYG on EE). The big question though is should you buy it?

  24. TP-Link Power Bank Review

    One continuous gripe about many modern devices is that the battery never lasts long, and if you're going away for a weekend, you're often left hunting for a plug socket to charge your phone or tablet. With that in mind, we were particularly interested to see you TP-Link's Power Bank faired.

  25. Parallels Desktop 10 Review

    Parallels Desktop for Mac is a programme which lets you run Windows, or other OS’ on your Mac. As its name suggests, it’s been through several generations and has become a mainstay for mac users needing to still run Windows programmes such as myself, who uses Sage accounting software.

    Whilst at IFA in Berlin last month, I got a chance to sit down with Nick Dobrovolskiy, Vice President of Desktop Virtualisation at Parallels, and the chief architect behind their latest software. He gave me a guided tour of the latest version of Parallels Desktop, and I’ve been playing with it for the last few weeks. So what is it like?

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