Yamaha Launch Two New Soundbars

    Yamaha were pioneers in creating the Soundbar long before they became a must have for many flat screen TV owners. Using that heritage, and dominance at the top end of the market, Yamaha have launched two new affordable soundbars.


The Yamaha YAS-105 hangs under your TV and connects via either optical , coaxial or 3.5mm jack inputs, as well as bluetooth.

If you have your TV on a stand, then the Yamaha SRT-700 soundbase may be of interest. It sits directly under the TV and connects the same way. Both new products use Yamaha's latest AirSurround Xtreme technology to provide virtual surround sound without the need for calibration. If you do need to tinker, than Android and iOS apps are available.

Both will be available shortly and the YAS-105 is £250 while the SRT-700 is £300. Both will offer a significant improvement in sound to almost any flat screen TV.

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