The Nokia 3310 returns

    Nokia (or at least HMD) have released the Nokia 3310 at MWC2017. It's not quite the same phone as we all remember from the late '90s, so what exactly is this handset?

This phone a blatent re-boot of the original 3310, playing on our nostalgia for the previous almost-indestructable handset.

This time round, the phone gets a colour screen, Bluetooth, MicroSD slot, 2MP camera, micro-USB charging and a headphone socket. There's no GPS, 4G / LTE, NFC or anythig else special, but at a Euro 49 price point, you can't ask for much more. You do get 2.5G browsing on the built-in Opera web browser, but forget about email, facebook, twitter etc.

The design has had a bit of an update, including a slightly curved screen and some lucious looking smooth plastics. Oh, and there's a new version of Snake! The phone will be available world-wide in Q2 this year.


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User Feedback

There's single and dual sim SKUs.
I hope CPW sell dual sim.
Either way, I'm getting a yellow or red one.

So it's hitting UK last week of May.
I want a yellow one.

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