LG V30 - have LG just smashed it out the park?

    LG's V series phones have previously been select-market-only premium models, but with the V30 it seems this might be about to change. Read on to find out why LG might just have launched their best phone ever...

"Why do you say that?" I hear you ask... well, The LG G6 was a great phone, but unfortunately LG chose to nobble it by having different variants which meant not all the phone's features were available in all markets. Europe has traditionally always been badly hit by this policy, with the G6 lacking it's two USPs in the european edition.

However, it now seems (if LG's UK website is to be believed, see below) that LG might have finally learnt from those errors and produced a phone which doesn't suffer in the European market.


The standout features of the V30 are:

  • 6.0 inch OLED display
  • Snapragon 835
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64 / 128 GB ROM
  • Quad-DAC
  • Wireless Charging

...yes, you read that right; Quad-DAC and Wireless charging in an UK spec model!

Here's the full spec, according to LG (note Quad-DAC isn't mentioned in here, but is in the promotional material)

Phone type Touch with rear fingerprint sensor
Design Metal Frame & Gorilla Glass
Display 6.0” QHD+ OLED FULL VISION (2880 x 1440), Aspect Ratio 18:9
Chipset Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 (2.45Ghz Quad Core)
Size 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3mm
Weight (g) 158
Front Front 5MP camera, Wide-angle 90°
Rear 1st Camera: 16MP, Standard 71°
2nd Camera: 13MP, Wide-angle 120°
Software Android 7.1.2
Bluetooth 5.0 BLE (with Apt-X HD Support)
USB Type-C 2.0 (3.1 compatible)
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
Wi-Fi Direct Yes
A.I. Google Assistant
V.R. Google Daydream
Biometric Access Finger Print, Face Recognition, Voice Recognition
Memory 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, micro SD slot (up to 2TB)
Battery 3,300mAh (embedded) - PD / QC 3.0 & Wireless Charging

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User Feedback

Hardware/spec-wise, that looks a cracking phone that ticks pretty-much all of the boxes. Hopefully we really have seen the last of market segmentation from LG, and this device will sell well (assuming the price is reasonable).

PS. "Why's that you say that?" - did you mean "Why's that?" Or some other variation?

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3 hours ago, Milhouse said:

PS. "Why's that you say that?" - did you mean "Why's that?" Or some other variation?

Yeah, that made fuck all sense. I've changed it now...

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Looks quite good in the flesh, however LG are famous for poor build quality and bootlooping software.

My upgrade is due at the end of December so it will be plenty time to compare this with the Note 8.

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