Gibson - Launch Trainer Bluetooth Earphones

    Gibson continues to expand out of it's traditional guitar market. This time, they've tied up with Usain Bolt to launch the Trainer Ti100 earphones, which are sufficiently different to be worth a look at.

The Trainer Ti100 earphones are aimed at sports people, weighing only 14g and offering 6.5 hours battery life, as well as freedom of movement through bluetooth. But not only that, but they also incorporate an interesting Aeroflex option will allows users to easily choose between in ear and more secure over ear usage. Not only that, but night runners are also covered too. With NightNav, the earphones illuminate small LEDs to make sure the runner is easily seen.

On top of these already impressive features, the Ti100 also offers water / sweat resistance and also attractive and strong Zylon cables to extend it's lifetime.

Available in white or black, it's available from John Lewis for £150 and is certainly worth a look for sports people.

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User Feedback

Have you managed a scoop? :)I can't find a single article about these earphones on any other website, not even Gibsons own site!


Try Ti100, not T100i!

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