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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched

    It's finally happened. Samsung yesterday launched the much-leaked Galaxy Note 8. Is this just a bigger S8; is it worth the wait; will it's battery explode?


Samsung's press release is below, which in some ways answers those all-important questions. I'll summarise for those who can't really be bothered reading the whole thing:


  1. Is it just a bigger Galaxy S8?
    Yes, of course it is. But it's also "so much more" ...
  2. Is it worth the wait?
    That depends. Are you a Note fan who's still using their Note 4? (the Note 5 never officially made it to the UK; the Note 6 didn't exist; and the Note 7 ... well...) If you are still using your Note 4, then yes, this probably is worth the wait. Whether it's worth the £850 Samsung are asking is another issue though...
  3. Will it's battery explode?
    Samsung really, really, seriously, really, hope not!



Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces the Galaxy Note8, the next level Note for people who want to do bigger things. With the Galaxy Note8, consumers get a bigger Infinity Display that fits comfortably in one hand, S Pen to communicate in more personal ways, and Samsung’s best-ever smartphone camera to capture stunning photos. The Galaxy Note8 is designed for the way consumers lead their lives and lean on technology today.

“We appreciate the relentless passion of the Note community. They’ve been a constant inspiration to us and we designed the new Note for them,” said DJ Koh, president of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “From the Infinity Display to the enhanced S Pen and a powerful Dual Camera, the Galaxy Note8 lets people do things they never thought were possible.”

Enjoy and Do More on the Infinity Display
The Galaxy Note8 has the biggest screen ever on a Note device, yet its narrow body makes it comfortable to hold in one hand. The 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display lets you see more and scroll less. The Galaxy Note8 gives you more room to watch, read and draw—making it the ultimate multitasking smartphone.

Note users have long been able to do more with Multi Window. With the Galaxy Note8, the new App Pair feature lets you create a custom pair of apps on the Edge Panel and simultaneously launch two apps with ease. Watch a video while messaging your friends or dial into a conference call with the number and agenda in front of you.

A New Way to Communicate with the S Pen
Since its introduction, the S Pen has been one of the Note’s defining features. With the Galaxy Note8, the enhanced S Pen unlocks entirely new ways to write, draw, and interact with the phone and communicate with friends. It has a finer tip, improved pressure sensitivity, and features that enable users to express themselves in ways that no other stylus or smartphone ever has.

When communicating with text just isn’t enough, Live Message allows you to reveal your unique personality and tell expressive stories. With the Galaxy Note8, you can now share animated texts or drawings across platforms that support animated GIFs. It’s a whole new way to communicate with the S Pen—adding lively and emotional connections that bring your messages to life.

The Always On Display allows Galaxy users to stay on top of their notifications without unlocking their phone. And with the Galaxy Note8, it’s even more powerful. Screen off memo allows you to take up to one-hundred pages of notes as soon as you remove the S Pen, pin notes to the Always On Display and make edits directly from the Always On Display.

For overseas travels or when you come across a website in a foreign language, the improved S Pen Translate feature lets you hover over text to quickly translate not only individual words, but entire sentences in up to 71 languages, and instantly convert units and foreign currencies.

Better Pictures with Galaxy Note8’s Best-in-Class Camera
For most consumers, one of the things they look for when purchasing a new device is the camera. Samsung set the standard for smartphone cameras and with the Galaxy Note8, we’re delivering our most powerful smartphone camera yet.

The Galaxy Note8 is the first smartphone with two 12MP rear cameras with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Whether you’re exploring a new city or running around your backyard, OIS lets you capture sharper images.

For more advanced photo-taking, the Galaxy Note8’s Live Focus feature lets you control the depth of field by allowing you to adjust the bokeh effect in preview mode and after you take the photo.

In Dual Capture mode, both rear cameras take two pictures simultaneously and allow you to save both images; one close-up shot from the telephoto lens and one wide-angle shot that shows the entire background.

The wide-angle lens has a Dual Pixel sensor with rapid Auto Focus, so you can capture sharper, clearer shots even in low-light environments. The Galaxy Note8 is also equipped with an industry-leading 8MP Smart Auto Focus front-facing camera for sharp selfies and video chats.

Galaxy of Features and Services
The Galaxy Note8 is built on the Galaxy legacy—a collection of unique features and capabilities that, together, have redefined the mobile experience:

  • Water and Dust Resistance: Four years ago, Samsung introduced the first Galaxy device with water resistance. And today, you can take your Note almost anywhere you want with water and dust resistance (IP68) on the device and the S Pen. You can write even when the display is wet.
  • Fast Wireless Charging: Two years ago, Samsung introduced the first Galaxy device with wireless charging. The Galaxy Note8 supports the most advanced wireless charging capabilities yet, so you can get a quick, convenient charge without having to mess around with ports or wires.
  • Security: The Galaxy Note8 offers a choice of biometric authentication options—including iris and fingerprint scanning. Samsung Knox provides defense-grade security at the hardware and software layers and with Secure Folder, keeps your personal and professional data separate.
  • Powerful Performance: With 6GB RAM, a 10nm processor, and expandable memory (up to 256GB), you have the power you need to browse, stream, play games, and multitask.
  • Innovative Mobile Experiences: Samsung DeX enables a desktop experience, powered by your phone. You can keep your files on your device, conduct work on the go, and use Samsung DeX when you need an even bigger screen. The Galaxy Note8 includes Bixby, a smarter way to use your phone; it learns from you, improves over time, and helps you get more done.

Mobile Performance, Productivity and Security for Businesses
The Galaxy Note8 takes business innovation to the next level with advanced features that improve performance, productivity and security for a wide range of industries, simplifying how work gets done:

  • Enhanced S Pen for Business: The S Pen lets professionals do what other smartphones can’t, like discreetly taking notes in Screen off memo or quickly annotating documents and photos.
  • Non-Contact Authentication: The Galaxy Note8 offers iris scanning for professionals—for example, professionals in the health care, construction, or public safety sectors who may find themselves in a position where they need to unlock their phones without having to swipe or scan a fingerprint.
  • Enhanced DeX Capabilities: The Galaxy Note8 powers Samsung DeX for those who need to extend their simple mobile experience seamlessly to the desktop —whether they’re in the field, at the office or at home.

Samsung continues to uphold its commitment to lead the industry in battery safety. The Galaxy Note8’s battery has undergone Samsung’s 8-Point Battery Safety Check—the most rigorous in the industry. "We have been closely working with Samsung to make meaningful advancements in the science of smartphone quality and safety evaluation. As a result, the Galaxy Note8 has successfully completed a rigorous series of device and battery safety compatibility test protocols. We look forward to maintaining our strategic relationship with Samsung and helping ensure device safety for all consumers”.


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User Feedback

Still on Note 4 which is fantastic. Note 8 price far too expensive. Don't like curved screen or stretched screen resolution.  Suspect the battery may not be big enough to cope with the screen.

So it's a no from me at the moment. They only have the black variant on the UK store which wouldn't be my ideal choice of colour.

Regarding the price .......

In 2010 the top of the range handsets were around £400 (iphone 4 & Galaxy S) and an average contract was £25 - £28 pm

In 2017 the equivalent handsets are £850 and contracts are £50 - £55 pm

So the cost has effectively doubled in 7 years however if you use an inflation calculator the £400 should now be around £480.

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Super, amazing, incredible, wonderful, unbelievable, beautiful, best iphone ever iphone 8.


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TBH, if I wasn't going to be getting the iPhone 8, I'd get the Note 8 and I'd happily pay iPhone 8 money for it. CPW are complaining about lack of innovation and pricing affecting upgrade cycles but I bet you there's no shortage of demand for either of these devices.

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They will both be excellent devices if a tad overpriced. I'm not convinced it's all about Brexit and currency though .... there is an element of greed.

CPW are a poor show nowadays. Integration in to Dixons hasn't done them any favours and they are quite limited in what they offer nowadays. I feel they could get a better turnover if they were more keenly priced on sim free handsets, but one of my mates works there and tells me they keep sim free prices high to "force" people on to contracts. To be fair all it does is force people to Amazon, Expansys etc. and they miss out on the money.

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I've pre-ordered a dual-sim one direct from SamsungUK....that at least gives me 28 days to return it should I not like it

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Does anyone even still use Expensys?
IIRC they run Honor's VMall probably why it's such a shocking service

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