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  1. Zuckerberg Goes Shopping Again (and buys a lousy lightbox)

    Just weeks after Facebook went and bought Instagram for a cool $1 Billion, Zuckerberg has gone shopping again and bought himself a team of Android programmers.

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  2. ZTE Updates it's Intel Handset

    The Orange San Diego was the first Android handset with an Intel processor inside. It was only released a couple of months ago, but ZTE have gone and updated it's Grand X (which was only released a month ago) by using an Intel Atom processor.

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  3. ZTE Sharpens its Blade on Virgin

    The original ZTE Blade created the market for good quality value Android handsets a number of years ago. The latest version, the ZTE Blade L3 is due to be launched soon in an exclusive deal with Virgin Media.


  4. ZTE Launch Grand SII (soon)

    ZTE continue to be making serious progress into the mainstream with their latest handset, the Grand SII.

  5. You Know When You've Been Wiki'd

    Monmouth has become the first town to be Wiki'd

  6. Yota Launch New Device

    You might have heard of Yota. It's a Russian company with a rather unique selling point. It has two screens, with it's rear one being an always on e-ink display. We hope to have a demonstration later during the show, but here's their press release.

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  7. Yamaha Release New High End AV Receivers

    Following on from last month's launch of new affordable receivers, Yamaha is following it up with the launch of their new high end Aventage range, with prices starting at just £550.

  8. Yamaha Launch Two New Soundbars

    Yamaha were pioneers in creating the Soundbar long before they became a must have for many flat screen TV owners. Using that heritage, and dominance at the top end of the market, Yamaha have launched two new affordable soundbars.


  9. Yamaha Launch New AV Receivers

    Yamaha have a fine pedigree in Hifi and AV Receivers, so we must admit to being more than a little interested to hear what 2015's range is like. Thankfully, we have all the details below.


  10. Wot no iPlayer for Windows Phone?

    The BBC has been keen to be seen as platform agnostic in the tech wars, and so it was surprising that they'd never released a version of iPlayer for Windows Phone.

    Now we know why.

  11. Withings to Monitor Sleep with Aura

    <p>Withings is a company not everyone may be familiar with, but they produce high end health monitoring equipment, weighing scales, blood pressure monitoring and so on. Now they want to measure your sleep.</p>

  12. Wire Money in the UK (soon) via Google Wallet

    There are so many options to wire people money these days. Whether it's via bank accounts, online services such as Paypal, traditional services like Western Union etc. Google has been offering a service to US users for a while, now UK users will soon be able to do the same.

  13. Wants To Know If You've Got a Puls

    Not content with selling millions of records, becoming the darling of British TV and being an all round eccentric, has now launched a smartwatch!


  14. Wii U Gets Launch Date and Price

    The Wii U has been shown around at the last couple of E3 shows, with a lot of hands on time last June, but Nintendo's Wii U console will soon be reaching gamers across the world.

  15. Wifi Protected Security - Not So Protected / Secure

    A researcher has exposed a security flaw used in Broadcom's (and A N Other manufacturer's) wifi chipsets used in routers / modems.

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  16. Which Smartphone Has the Best Battery Life?

    Which? Magazine is well known for it's independent tests, so it was of great interest to see which smartphones came out on top for battery life, given how so many people complain that they struggle to get through the day without having to top up their phones.

  17. What's So Great About Huddersfield?

    Ask a Geordie what's special about Newcastle, and they'll tell you it's "Great Man!" But what's so special about Huddersfield?

  18. What's new from Doro Primo range, a phone for the blind + a £99 smartphone

    We went along to London to hear about the latest developments from Doro, the phone that specialises in producing feature phones for senior citizens, and has also entered the smartphone arena. Now it has two new devices, including a phone designed exclusively for the blind.

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  19. What Mobile website goes offline

    UPDATED: Visitors to What Mobile today have found the entire set of What Mobile websites, including the ever-popular forum, to be off-line.

  20. Weve Got Phorm

    Some of you may remember the privacy scandal a couple of years ago where online advertising company Phorm started to work with ISP providers without customers' consent. We may have a replay, and this time it's mobile and (not) personal...

  21. Welcome to Mobile and Gadget

    Welcome to the new Mobile and Gadget website and forum. This site is built by its members for its members. We want you to have a say about what we cover and even how we work!

  22. Wednesdays Won't Be Orange For Much Longer

    Orange Wednesdays must be one of the longest network promotions ever and inspired the other networks to make their own offerings. Sadly it is due to come to an end soon.


  23. webOS is Back!

    webOS has had a poor history. First sinking Palm, and then failing to take off with HP, LG has taken the torch of webOS and moved it in a completely new direction.

  24. We Spend Some Time With Sony + Exclusive YouView News!

    We were invited down to Sony's European HQ in Surrey to have a look at some of the products the company has lined up for 2015 and meet with some key people there. So what were they like?

  25. We Spend Some Time with LG

    We spent some quality time with LG's press team and also James Marshall, LG European Head of Product Marketing of Mobile Communications, and gained some useful insights into what's coming.

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    • I'll double check the specs; but pretty sure they said the Mate 10 did have it. It seems the V30 screen is much better "in real life" than when running greyscale tests. However, the comparison above still focuses on the DPI rating
    • I didn't think the new Huawei Mate 10 devices had wireless charging?  Also lots of bad reviews slating the V30 screen out there. 
    • In the fourth of our comparison articles, I've gone all out this time and included the newly announced Hauwei Note 10 and Note 10 Pro as well as the Apple iPhone X against our (my) old favourite the LG V30 and the "king" of Samsungs, the Galaxy Note 8. The winner is quite interesting, (as is the outright looser), so read on to find out what the numbers tell us... Comparing phones is always a somewhat emotive opinion on the part of the person doing the comparison, so I have tried to keep this one based upon facts rather than feelings. Some may argue with some of the decisions and some may need explanation. For example, the V30 wins the screen category purely because it has the highest ppi (pixels per inch) rating - screen size has been ignored; and the Mate 10, Pro, iPhone X & V30  share the size category because their combination of size vs. screens size is more impressive than the others. The winning phone in each category is shown in dark green and gains 2 points. Where no obvious winner exists, "highly commended" scores are in light green and gain 1 point) Feature Huawei Mate 10 Pro Huawei Mate 10 iPhone X LG V30 Galaxy Note 8 Construction Candybar, aluminium & glass Candybar, aluminium & glass Candybar, aluminium & glass Candybar, aluminium & glass Candybar, aluminium & glass Size 154.2mm x 74.5mm x 7.9mm 150.5mm x 77.8mm x 8.2mm 143.6mm x 70.9mm x 7.7mm 151.7mm x 75.4mm x 7.3mm 162.5mm x 74.8mm x 8.6mm Weight 178g 186g 174g 158g 195g Screen AMOLED 6.0" 2160x1080 402ppi IPS LCD 5.9" 2560x1440 499ppi AMOLED 5.8" 2436x1125 458ppi AMOLED 6.0" 2800x1440 537ppi AMOLED 6.3" 2960x1440 521ppi Battery 4000 mAh 4000 mAh 2716 mAh 3300 mAh 3300 mAh Processor Kirin 970 (AI Engine) Kirin 970 (AI Engine) Apple A11 Bionic Snapdraggon 835 Exynos OctaCore RAM 6GB 4GB 3GB 4GB 6GB Storage 128GB + MicroSD 64GB  + MicroSD 64GB / 256GB 64GB / 128GB + MicroSD 64GB / 128GB / 256GB + MicroSD Camera (rear) Main: 20Mpix f/1.6 & Wide: 12Mpix f/1.6, 2x Lossless Zoom, Leica optics, Phase Detection autofocus Main: 20Mpix f/1.6 & Wide: 12Mpix f/1.6, 2x Lossless Zoom, Leica optics, Phase Detection autofocus Dual 12Mpix f/1.8 &  f/2.4, Phase Detection autofocus, IOS, 2x Optical zoom Main: 16Mpix f/1.6 (71deg)& Wide: 13Mpix f/1.9 (120deg), IOS, HDR10, Assisted Zoom Tele: 12Mpix f/2.4 (45deg) & Wide: DualPixel 12Mpix f/1.7 (77deg), IOS, 2x Optical zoom Camera (front) 8Mpix f/2.0 8Mpix f/2.0 7Mpix f/2.2, HDR, panorama 5Mpix f/2.2 (90deg) 8Mpix f/1.7 Connectivity 3G, 4G, Gigabit LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 4.2, IR, USB 2.0 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 4.2, IR, USB 2.0 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 2.0 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 3.1 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi AC, NFC, GPS, Bt 5.0, USB 3.1 Android version Android 8.0 Android 8.0 iOS 11.0.2 Android 7.1.2 Android 7.1.1 Fingerprint Sensor Yes, rear (middle) Yes, front No Yes, rear (middle) Yes, rear (left) Protection Splashproof (IP53) Waterproof (IP67) Waterproof (IP67) Waterproof (IP68), Shockproof Waterproof (IP68) Charging QuickCharge 3.0, Wireless Charging QuickCharge 3.0, Wireless Charging Fast Charging, Wireless Charging QuickCharge 3.0, Wireless Charging QuickCharge 3.0, Wireless Charging Price £ 799 £ 699 £ 1000 (approx) £ 700 (approx) £ 869 Availability November 2017 November 2017 November 2017 November 2017 Now Total points 12 5 4 13 9, once again, LG has pulled it out the bag, producing a phone which (by the specs alone) beats all others. Even more interesting though is how *badly* the iPhone X does in this comparison; there really is nothing hardware-wise that makes it stand out against the crowd!
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    • Update: Earlier today (10th October), Microsoft essentially admitted that build 16299.15 IS the Fall Creators Update by releasing it to the "Release Preview" ring of the Windows 10 Insider Preview program. Last week, Microsoft pushed out Windows Insider build 16299.15; an updated build of the previous Insider Preview build 16299.1. Considering this is the same base build, but a newer compile of it (with bug fixes), could 16299.15 become the Fall Creators Update RTM build? The timing is certainly about right, and this would also follow what Microsoft did with the original Creators Update builds (namely fixing on a "base" build and then issuing incremental updated builds until all the blocking bugs were eliminated); and having been running 16299.15 for most of the last week, it certainly seems stable. Microsoft's release notes for this build don't indicate it *is* the final build; but I guess we'll only learn that as we get closer to 17th October. (read the Update 2 line in the release notes)
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    • Too young to go at 66. RIP
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